What is a Cardiovascular Nurse

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A cardiovascular nurse has a very important and delicate position. As a critical care nurse you would be mainly working in a hospital environment under the directions of the cardiologist helping to care for people suffering from some type of this disease. However, there may be occasions when you would provide in-home care for certain patients.

Normally, you’ll be dealing with adults but people of all ages can suffer from this condition so, there will be times when you’ll treat children and this is something that you’ll need to be prepared for. You would also help to educate patients and their families and support the lifestyle changes they need to make.

Job responsibilities will also include assisting the cardiovascular doctor as well as caring for patients recovering from surgeries that include angioplasty, bypass surgery and patients with pacemakers. Duties also include monitoring cardiac and vascular readings, stress test evaluations, providing postoperative care and assessing and treating patients. These critical care nurses work with children and adults of all ages, although heart disease generally affects older people.

Cardiovascular nurses must first be recognized as an RN or registered nurse. This position requires at least a 2-year associate’s degree but a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing would be better if you plan to advance in this field. After you have graduated and become a licensed RN, additional training and certification are required to become a cardiac nurse. A cardiac nurse will need to be CPR certified in basic life support, as well as advanced cardiac life support. The demand for this career is very high at this time and is expected to increase over the next few years making it a great career to pursue.

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