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Top Online Graduate Degree Programs

In our busy world we live sometimes you need the option of studying online. That’s why colleges are shifting more and more to online graduate degree programs. So that you can go out into the work force, and yet still be working on your graduate degrees. Here are some of the top online graduate degree programs from US News.

These online graduate school degree programs are great for leaving you the option of working part time on college, and full time in the work force.

Duke University

Duke University’s Online Business Graduate Degree Program
This MBA is for senior managers with substantial work experience. As part of the program, students are required to travel to cities in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America for five two-week-plus residential sessions.

Indiana University

Indiana University’s Online Business Graduate Degree Program
The online program offers networking opportunities through its two on-campus residencies. The same faculty who teach the full-time and evening MBA programs on campus teach Kelley Direct courses.

Thunderbird School of Management

Thuderbirds School of Management’s Global Masters in Business Administration
The Global MBA program combines online personal study with highly interactive study in a variety of locations around the globe. Students have the option to complete their MBA in 12, 19 or 36 months.

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon’s Online Masters Degree In IT & Computer Science
The program offers video lectures from campus classes. Students have the opportunity to participate in classroom discussions through live chats and Web conferencing.

Stanford University

Stanford University’s Online Masters Degree in IT & Computer Science
Students gain a broad base of understanding in the computer science discipline, while specializing in one of ten studies — some of which include artificial intelligence, real-world computing and human-computer interaction. Students can also get creative and develop their own specialization to be approved.