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Top Medical Transcription Degrees

Medical transcriptionists are paid handsomely for their work with handling documents, creating
medical reports and basically just putting down to paper the things that are stated in a doctor’s
recording. A medical transcriptionist or MT is categorized as an allied health professional and
has been thrust into the limelight due to the salary that all MTs take home.

A medical transcriptionist that has undergone an MT training course is known to take an
average salary of $32,900. The salary increases depending on the level of skills the MT has
acquired or the years of experience under his or her belt.

Before being able to enjoy the perks of being a medical transcriptionist a person must first
undergo the necessary training. This will help you in doing your job better and understanding
how things work. The training will also give students some important insights regarding the
workings of the career.

Here are the requirements that you must meet if you want to join the allied health profession
workforce as a medical transcriptionist.

A college degree or a high school diploma
Computer operating skills
Able to follow instructions
Ability to research and comprehend
A good memory and communication skills

If you feel like you are ready to take on the challenges that come along with the medical
transcriptionist training, then there are several things you need to expect. An MT will have
to expect various modules pertaining to medical terms, technology and grammar. Once
the medical transcriptionist training is over, you still have to acquire your MT Certification.
The certification can only be given to you once you pass the certification training from the
Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity or AHDI.

Another thing you should keep in mind while training as a medical transcriptionist is the fact that
there are two paths you can take in order to further your career.

1. (CMT) Certified Medical Transcription
2. (RMT) Registered Medical Transcription

Here are some of the best Medical Transcription Schools & Degree Programs

Kaplan University

This university welcomes all students who wish to enrol in their medical transcriptionist course.
Students must present their high school diplomas upon enrolment. Other courses offered
includes BS in Healthcare Administration and BS in Health Science. Associate courses include
AAS in Medical Assisting.

ITT Technical Institute

The institute has campuses all over the United States including 4 in California and Florida
plus one in Indiana and New Mexico. It offers classroom based programs for their Associate in
Health Information Technology.


Offers associate courses in Health Information Technology and Nursing plus non-degree course
in Medical billing and coding. Sanford-Brown has schools in Arizona, Florida, Ohio and New
York. Enrolees must be living near the proximity of the school and should also be a graduate
after 2011. Classroom based education.

Strayer University

Students are required to have graduated from high school before enrolling or have at least
accomplished their GED. Classes are available either online or classroom based. Courses
offered include Health service administration concentration.

MT Advantage Career Center

This career center offers online training for medical transcriptionists exclusively. The school
offers basic and advanced medical coding together with basic and advanced levels for medical