Top Medical Schools In Virginia

by David Paul Krug

Virginia is home to three of the top medical schools in the United States, one known for being the 10th medical school established, a second as the site for the first artificial heart surgery performed on the East Coast, and the third renowned worldwide in the field of reproductive medicine. Located in Charlottesville, University of Virginia Medical School’s presiding dean, Dr. Steven DeKosky, is actively involved with National Institute of Health trials in the field of Alzheimer’s Disease. Established, circa 1819, it is one of few medical schools in the world conducting research in the field of pediatric paranormal experience. UVA’s first professor of medicine, Robley Dunglison , “Father of American Physiology,” served as Thomas Jefferson’s physician. Travis Lane Stork, host of TV talk show The Doctors, is a graduate of the Class of 2003.

Richmond, capital of Virginia, is home to Medical College of Virginia, the longest medical school in continuous operation in the state. This outstanding medical institution served as the site for the state’s first liver transplant between non-related adults, and includes the developer of the hepatitis B vaccine, Saul Krugerman, among its graduates. Situated on the state’s southeastern coast, Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine at Norfolk’s Eastern Virginia Medical School is renowned worldwide as the site of the first Invetro, test-tube, baby born in America, and 2010s Nobel Prize in Psychology or Medicine winner, Dr. Robert G. Edwards. EVMC is home to the Center for Contraceptive Research and Development focusing on the treatment and prevention of AIDS and STDs.

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