Top Medical Schools In Rhode Island

by David Paul Krug

The State of Rhode Island has only one medical school, however, the states only medical school is considered by many national reports as one of the best medical schools in the world. The name of the school is The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Alpert Medical School is a private Ivy League University founded in 1811. The school is located in Providence, Rhode Island on an urban style campus throughout Providence. The application process to become a student at this University is very competitive and student life is very rigorous. The school only has roughly 416 students. Several major reports show that this Ivy League school prepares students for a major career in medicine. The University also has many specialty programs that help students specialize in various area of the medical fields.

During the students first two years of school the program has students enroll in four semesters which include basic medical classes along with other science programs. The students are given an outline for their first two years of school to give them an overview of what is expected from them. In this phase the students learn basic, but a wide variety of medical principals of medicine. Year 3 of the medical program helps and allows the students to understand core disciplines and specialties. This process is performed through various fields. In the fourth and last year of the program allows students to have an overview of years 1 through 3 and to concentrate on areas that they wish to specialize in.

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