Top Medical Schools In Kentucky

by David Paul Krug

If you are looking at attending medical school to earn your doctorate, you will want to make sure your choice is the right one. Medical schools can be expensive and learning how to cost-compare tuition rates while still finding top medical schools that rank the highest in the nation is important.

The University Of Kentucky College Of Medicine is ranked the number one school in Kentucky with tuition rates starting at around $58,553. Yearly enrollment is around 424 so it can be competitive to get in, unless you have a high incoming GPA. The University Of Kentucky College Of Medicine is located on 138 Leader Avenue in Lexington. It is close to several area attractions and activities. Students concentrate in array of areas in a particular medical field including surgery, urology, and physical therapy. The university also has a high residency placement rate.

Another choice for top medical schools in Kentucky is the University Of Louisville School Of Medicine. The tuition for this school is almost double if you are an out of state student. Rates begin at $29,450 and raise to $45,390 if you are from out of state. Louisville students concentrate in areas of biostatistics, epidemiology and family medicine. The University Of Louisville School Of Medicine is located in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky making it centrally located and easy for students to commute in and out of the city.

Kentucky offers a wealth of resources and culture, making you feel right at home as your pursue your degree in medicine.

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