Top Medical Schools in Indiana

by David Paul Krug

The category of Indiana Medical Schools includes the Indiana University School of Medicine. Located in Indianapolis, this school offers several degree programs in the field of medicine. The Doctor of Medicine program is a four year program designed to offer student s both classroom instruction and hands on experience. The courses include the study of basic clinical applications within the field of medicine as well as science. Most of the classroom study is conducted during the first two years with the third and fourth year providing experience in medical facilities.

In addition to the basic medical doctor program offered at this school, there is also a combined program offering student s the chance to receive degrees in medicine and philosophy or in business administration. The program designed to encompass philosophy will offer courses in research and science which extend the program to seven years. The program designed to include business administration is a master degree program which includes the basic four years of medical study combined with taking an extra forty credits in business administration. While the Indiana University of Medicine is the only medical school in the state, it is still considered to be one of the Top Medical Schools in the nation.

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