Top Medical Schools in Delaware

There are a number of medical schools in Delaware. Whether you are looking to become a physician, a nurse, a nurse’s assistant or work in a medical laboratory, Delaware medical schools may be an ideal. University of Delaware, Wilmington University or Delaware State University are just a few of the top medical schools located in Delaware.

The University of Delaware has a couple of programs that can help a student with acceptance into a medical school. The Health Science Advisement and Evaluation Committee is open for all majors and requires some knowledge of science and mathematics. This program provides a recommendation to any medical schools the student desires. The Medical Scholars Program is open to second semester freshmen. An early admission into the Jefferson Medical College could advance students to a B.A as well as a M.D in Liberal Studies from University of Delaware and Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA.

Student who are accepted into medical schools must demonstrate a certain aptitude level. A commitment to complete demanding programs is needed. Volunteering in a health-care program or performing laboratory research with relevant medical tasks could help too. Some of the coursework that a medical student might be required to take may include General and Organic Chemistry, General Physics, Calculus and English. Student must complete science requirements to take the Medical College Acceptable Test (MCAT).

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