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Top Masters In Public Administration

While management and administration skills are most commonly identified with the business community, there is a strong need for this skill set in the political and government worlds as well. These skills are especially useful when creating new civil policies or enforcing laws and regulations that have been recently passed by local, state, and federal governments. Because working in government requires a different kind of management and administration style than most businesses require, the public administration field was born.

Public administration is a rapidly growing field at many American universities, generally because the scope of government employment has been steadily increasing over the course of at least the last three decades. Those who pursue a degree in this field, especially from the universities mentioned below, stand a great chance at employment, fulfillment, and occupational success.

1. Harvard University

It’s hard to argue with the prestige of a Harvard degree, especially when it comes from the top-ranked Kennedy School of Government. Students who attend Harvard in pursuit of their Master’s in Public Administration will receive one of the most well rounded educations available in the field, including leadership in public, non-profit, and private organizations.

They’ll learn everything from implementing policies to proposing new ones, interacting with the public and judging public opinion to guide their activities. The Public Administration program at Harvard is virtually designed to set students into a career of public service, and that’s a really refreshing attribute.

2. Northeastern University

Leadership and management in the non-profit sector, as well as in the government, is the stated mission of the Master’s in Public Service program offered at Northeastern University. The school’s degree is offered through its Department of Political Science, which is itself one of the most well regarded political education programs in the country.

Like many of the best programs in this field, Northeastern’s degree is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration. That gives it added weight when applying for jobs, and indicates that the school meets the organization’s highest standards for education, involvement, and occupational preparation.

3. University of Southern California

The Price School of Public Policy at USC offers an interesting approach to public administration. As part of the program, students are taught not only how to manage public sector activity and non-profits, but also how to manage small projects and work with the community. This is a unique skill set, and it’s one that lays the foundation for a rewarding career outside of the private sector.

Because the program is unique in nature, and offered at one of the country’s most prestigious universities, prospective students should seriously consider USC for their next educational pursuit.

4. University of North Carolina

The oldest public university in the country has had a great deal of time to fully develop all of its programs, and that shows quite a bit when looking at its Master’s in Public Administration program. The UNC School of Government is probably the best school of its kind in the Southeast, and that translates to industry-leading research and hands-on experience for those who enroll in the program.

Professors are experienced in both the public and non-profit sectors, and their professional experience is generally matched only by their academic curiosity. That gives students deeper insight into the field, a critical asset during both the job search and career development.

5. City University of New York: Baruch College

The City University of New York comprises several community colleges and traditional universities, and Baruch is easily one of the most prestigious within the system. The institution is home to a particularly strong School of Public Policy, where students will spend all of their time after enrollment. Like all of the other programs listed here, Baruch College is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration.

Students who attend Baruch College will have access to the large New York City government, as well as local nonprofits. Professors are generally the best in the New York area, with local and national experience at the highest levels of government and community development. That bodes well for students who are looking to get the best perspective on the field, their place in it, and how they can change things for the better throughout their career.

Some Great Programs for a New Generation of Leaders
With the backing of major universities like Harvard, Northeastern, and others, the public administration field is a growing one that will become an asset for recent graduates. With the right blend of government knowledge, managerial capability, and educational background, there really is no limit to the marketability of this great degree.