Top iPhone Apps to Learn A New Language

In a world growing rapidly more diverse day by day, learning a second language is becoming more relevant than ever. Luckily, advances in technology have brought the power of learning a new language to our fingertips. What follows is a list of the top five language learning apps available for the iPhone:

Byki uses the method of ‘declarative learning’ to lock the words and phrases of another language into the user’s memory through the utilization of its flashcard interface. Users have the ability to hear the pronunciation of these words and phrases spoken through the voice of a native speaker, and the users are also given the ability to slow down these pronunciations in order to better pick-up on any subtle nuances of any word or phrase. Byki is available for 45 different languages.

Busuu is a free app which teaches a language through community engagement. Users can build a strong understanding of a language by practicing it within the context of a dialogue, as well as communicating directly with a native speaker. No internet connection is required to use this app, and with difficulties from beginner to advanced, users can enjoy extensive lessons through fun and interactive challenges and tests.

MindSnacks stands out amongst language learning apps by distancing itself from the typical flashcard-style lesson plan and turning learning into fun. Users can develop a new vocabulary and language skills through comprehensive and addicting mini-games. This app also adapts to the user’s experience, returning the user to previous lessons that were first met with more difficulty than others. MindSnacks’s unique algorithm is proven to greatly reinforce both memorization and retention. The initial app is free, but advancing users can purchase the in-game package in order to unlock fifty more lessons per language.

Babbel allows users with specific language-based needs to achieve his or her goal. If a user is taking a trip to a foreign country and needs to learn the basics to get by, the user can simply undergo the ‘Travel’ section of this app. Likewise, if a user is meeting with clients that speak another language, the ‘Business’ portion of this app can assist greatly. With thousands of words accompanied by pictures, pronunciations spoken directly by native speakers, and examples of sentences that place the words in context, as well as live evaluations of speech-recognized user pronunciations, Babbel is the perfect accompaniment for tackling a new language. This app is also 100% free.

TripLingo has been named “2012 Business Travel Innovation of the Year” by the leading business media brand Fast Company. This free app comes with a plethora of means to help accelerate one’s language learning capacities. Through the use of an extensive offline dictionary, the ability to translate one’s voice, access to a live translator, and a badge system that rewards the user’s efforts, TripLingo makes learning a new language both easy and rewarding in several ways. This free app comes with a number of basic languages from Spanish to Mandarin to even Hebrew, and for a low price, full language packages can be purchased.

Although the most effective way of learning a language is by engulfing one’s self directly into the culture itself, these apps are a wonderful way of getting started. Buenos suerte!