Top iPhone Apps For Students

Being a student is rarely easy, but thanks to advances in technology, it’s a little easier than before. What follows is a list of 5 iPhone apps essential for the everyday life of a college student:

Students can easily become stressed out when every all of their personal and academic obligations begin to pile up. However, iHomework can assist in relieving that stress for only $1.99. Acting as both a personal and academic agenda, this app allows users to upload the due dates of individual assignments as well as schedule any upcoming tests. Students can even upload their grades to a specific assignment in order to allow the app help determine his or her final grade. Users can also input their class schedules along with reminders to help eliminate chances of tardiness, as well as send them to classmates to keep friends from missing class.

For the punctual and organized note-taker, EverNote is a must have iPhone app. With this handy program, students can take down both text and audio notes, create to-do lists, and even capture photos to help aid in the learning process, all of which can be synced to personal computers and other devices and even shared with others.

When it comes to taking tests, the old methods are still just as good. Flashcards+, an app designed at Harvard University, utilizes the age-old method of using flashcards by bringing it into the 21st century. This app allows the user to create digital flashcards to flip through, sync online and with other devices, and share with fellow classmates. With a simple shake of the hand, the flashcards are shuffled and study time is optimized. Furthermore, there is also an option to ‘check’ the more difficult cards in order to better drill the tough ones into the user’s memory. Users can also scroll through millions of premade decks. All for the low cost of $0, this is a must have for any test taking student.

For many college students, personal finance is just as important, if not more important, than academics. Luckily, MoneyWiz allows students to place control of their budgets in the palm of their hands. For $4.99, users can create multitudes of accounts from checking accounts to what’s in the user’s wallet. Bank account statements can be uploaded to this app through OFX, QFX, and QIF files, and anytime a transaction occurs, users can plug in the necessary information. There is also an option that allows users to create a personalized budget which the app will keep track of, as well as warn users when certain bills and payments are approaching.

Adding on to the subject of personal finance, being a college student is not often synonymous with having cash to spend, which makes Groupon an essential app to have. Free to download, users can use this app to find and purchase local deals on food, events, fitness training, and other goods ranging anywhere from 50-90% off, all from the comfort of the iPhone.

About the author: David Paul Krug is the founder of College Degree Search. He created this website to help college students get matched up with the best college degrees and to pursue successful careers to make the world the world a better place.