Top iPhone Apps for Psychologists

iPhone has apps that are mainly geared to make life a little simpler for the user. There are apps to aid in multitude of tasks. More often than not, doctors are incorporating different iPhone apps into their daily routines. iPhone now has a number of apps for psychologists.

Top iPhone Apps for Psychologists

1) CareCloud

CareCloud is a popular iPhone app that psychologists use to manage their administrative, clinical and revenue cycle software. This app focuses on every aspect of behavioral health management with the use of one user friendly package. CareCloud will create a unique web-based solution that will give the user easy access to all of the major and minor details of his practice.

2) Epitomax

This iPhone app was specifically designed to be used as an aid to mental healthcare providers. Epitomax is simple to use and reliable as it has passed EHR Ambulatory Certification. Some of the features of this app are electronic billing, accounts receivable, scheduling, credit card processing, authorizations, patient portal, ePrescribing, narrative generation and clinical documentation. Epitomax can benefit providers of inpatient, outpatient, day treatment, residential and community services.

3) Psych Advantage

Complink’s Psych advantage is an iPhone app that specializes in saving you time. It has been EHR/ONC certified so you can trust its accuracy. The innovative interface allows for quick and precise documentation with the use of either voice or touchscreen. This easy to use app is so simple; you will learn to use it in a snap. Designed for therapy, counseling, psychology or psychiatry, Psych Advantage performs tasks such as scheduling, reporting, electronic billing, patient web registration, accounts receivable, expense tracking, HIPAA compliance, accounting integration and appointment management. Feedback from users of this app is quite positive and most say they would highly recommend it to a mental healthcare provider.

4) is an iPhone app that was designed to help manage the work-load of mental healthcare providers. This app performs tasks such as electronic billing, notes, scheduling, EMR and many others. The easy to use structure of this app will allow for the mental healthcare provider to begin using it as soon as the app has been downloaded. has gone to great measures to ensure that all mental health records are kept private and secure; giving piece of mind to the provider and patients as well. This app has been very well received by its users.

5) Therapy Partner

Therapy Partner is an iPhone app that allows for mental healthcare providers to electronically collect payments from their patients while ensuring that patient information is kept private and secure. With plans starting as low as $29.95 a month to cover an entire practice, this app is not only a convenience; it is a bargain. Its features allow the provider to accept payments through credit cards or email insurance ready statements. This is a secure and easy to use method of tracking your earnings without bother or confusion.

6) Pimsy Mental Health EMR

Pimsy Mental Health EMR is an iPhone app that uses comprehensive technology to provide excellent customer service. This easy to use app is certified EMR/practice management and has flexible customization options. Some of the Pimsy Mental health EMR features are electronic billing, authorization management, eligibility checking, customizable notes, company-wide calendar, scheduling, payroll and several others. Users of this app are provided with support and comprehensive training to ensure for a smooth and easy introduction to the software. If you have been searching for quality practice management software to suit your needs, you will find it with Pimsy.

7) ICANotes

ICANotes is an iPhone app that uses an ERH (electronic health record system) to simplify the job of mental healthcare providers. This app was designed by a psychiatrist who wanted an easy to use system of organizing his practice. By use of thousands of templates, the provider can create and organize detailed and individualized patient information. With this system, electronic mental health records can be organized with very little dictating or typing. The ICANnotes features include billing, scheduling, e-prescribing and reporting. This app insures complete privacy and security with all patient information.

8) Interactant

Interactant is a comprehensive iPhone app that was designed to simplify the tasks of a mental healthcare provider. This app allows for an easy to use way of organizing contract management functions, registration, billing, census, inpatient and outpatient support, long-term care and rehabilitation. Using tables that have been customized and defined by the provider, the app allows for flexibility and individualized organization of patient care. Some of the product features include expense tracking, appointment management, legacy system integration, accounting integration, data import/export and accounts receivable. This is a user friendly system that ensures that the patient information remains private and secure.

9) SpectraSoft Medical Scheduling

SpectraSoft Medical Scheduling is an iPhone app that allows the mental healthcare provider to easily schedule appointments without any fuss. Scheduling for group appointments is just as easy as scheduling appointments for individuals. With a touch of the screen, you are able to track all patient activity. Payments, case history and authorized visit documentation is readily available. This app also allows for the provider to send emails, text messages and phone calls to stay in communication with patients. Some of the features are automatic reminders, authorization tracking, appointment management, medical record integration, inpatient and legacy system integration. SpecraSoft ensures privacy and security for patient information.

10) PsycExplorerHD

PsycExplorerHD is a very useful app for mental healthcare providers that utilize podcasts, blogs, videos and tweets to deliver the most updated and innovative psychology news. Every healthcare provider has to incorporate continued education in his practice to stay apprised of the new or cutting edge treatments that are being provided to mental health patients. The PsycIxplorerHD is an on the spot, convenient way of receiving new psychology information. This app is said to be “a must have app for any psychologist.” Many psychology professors are utilizing PsycIxplorerHD for teaching aids and to create enthusiasm in students. Users of this app regard it as one of the best apps they have ever used.

Psychiatrists and other mental healthcare providers usually have a large case-load to carry. All of the paper work involved with each patient can be time consuming and take away from the quality of care given. iPhone psychology apps are an easy way of simplifying the process; therefore allowing for more attention to patient care.