Top iPhone Apps For Business

The iPhone has become an invaluable business tool. The improved functionality of the iPhone coupled with the wide variety of business apps available make it easy for any business professional to run his company, even when he is on the road. Many people are leaving the laptop at home and just bringing the iPhone on business trips.

If you are a dynamic and busy professional, then you need to look into getting an iPhone to help make your life easier. There are literally thousands of apps available for the iPhone, but there are 10 specific apps that will increase business productivity and put the power of advanced communications in your hands.


Traveling can be a nightmare for business professionals who have to maintain their own arrangements and make their own plans. The TripIt app will pull all of the important information from your flight eticket and create an itinerary that you can easily follow. The app also has maps of your destination that will help you to get where you are going once you arrive. If you need to change your travel plans, then TripIt can help.

Documents To Go Microsoft Office Suite

One of the misconceptions about the iPhone is that it can give a user full access to Microsoft documents right out of the box. While you will be able to read Microsoft Word documents or Excel spreadsheets, you will not be able to edit them without the Documents To Go Microsoft Office Suite app. This app also works in conjunction with Google Documents to help you take advantage of cloud storage.


Evernote is one of those apps that you don’t understand at first, but then cannot live without once you have it. This is an app that allows you to organize important pictures, make verbal notes to yourself and write down a number in your notepad and access it later. This app crosses over several platforms and makes it very easy to organize your thoughts and important files.


When people hear that Skype has an iPhone app, the most common reaction is that it seems redundant. The iPhone can already contact people directly with its phone function. But Skype is one of the largest business social networking platforms on the Internet. The iPhone app allows you to connect with anyone in the world and still use the video conferencing feature.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon is the software developer known for its dictation software. Busy professionals on the road do not always have time to stop and type in notes or change their social networking status. The Dragon Dictation app allows you to dictate a document and it does all of the typing. You can also send out a social networking message or change your status. It makes creating full business letters on an airplane much easier.


Expense reports can be a pain because you have to collect all of your information and then compile it into a report back at your office. With the Expensify app, you can collect pictures of receipts and log all of your expenses as they happen. When your business trip is over, you just generate a report and you can email to anyone that you want.


CamCard is a business card reading app that allows you to take a snapshot and then organize your business cards in any way that you want. This replaces the large collection of business cards you try to carry with you and puts all of your contact information onto the one device that you have with you at all times.


The Siri virtual assistant app is the one that you see in the iPhone television commercials talking to celebrities. This intuitive app is actually an extremely powerful tool that is the equivalent of having a personal assistant with you at all times. Siri accesses the information you need from its connection to the Internet. All you need to do is ask a question and Siri will find you the answer.

Cisco WebEx

Cisco is the undisputed leader in video conferencing and interactive meeting applications, but it had not released an iPhone app until this one. With the WebEx app, you can tie into any virtual meeting that utilizes the WebEx platform and get full interactive functionality.

If you are going to choose a free cloud storage app for your iPhone, then you might as well pick one that has 5GB of storage and can work across a wide variety of platforms. It is not taking long for the app to be the cloud storage app of choice for business professionals all over the world.

If you are a business professional, then you need an iPhone with the right apps on it. With the right apps, you can run your entire business from any location in the world.