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Top Gunsmithing Schools

Gunsmithing is a popular career choice for a number of young adults, and it is a dream of children who have grown up around guns and hunting. There are several specialized schools for the profession in the United States; however, some are considered to be more expert than others in their teachings. Choosing a quality school is the single most essential action that an aspiring gunsmith can take for himself. This article compiles a list of the top three gunsmithing schools in the United States and a description of their respective merits.

1.Yavapai College

Located in the small town of Prescott, Arizona, this college is famed nationwide for its excellent and fully accredited gunsmith certification program. The program proclaims itself to be “the best gunsmithing program in the nation” with a minimum of 40 credit hours being required for the basic program certification. Earning a two-year degree with the program is also an option, and as Yavapai College is highly respected among gunsmithing experts, several students tend to take this route. Students in the gunsmithing program are put to work learning to assemble and dissemble various types of guns, along with learning other skills. The school’s reputation and its successful alumni stand for themselves; choosing Yavapai College would be an excellent decision.

2.Trinidad State Junior College

Slightly more popular among gunsmiths is Trinidad State Junior College, with a significantly smaller student body but a stellar gunsmithing program. It boasts an 81 percent employment rate, though the program itself is a challenging and serious one; the graduation rate is a mere 63 percent. Aspiring gunsmiths from all across the United States travel to this school to be a part of the program, as its reputation is similar to that of Yavapai College- they are both fawned upon by the gunsmith community. It is a two year program designed to prepare its students for employment in the gunsmithing profression, teaching them skills such as customizing firearms, firearms repair, and handling machine tools. Trinidad State Junior College has long been touted as one of the top gunsmithing schools and will be for years to come, due to its flawless educational program.

3.Colorado School of Trades

Another highly respected school for the gunsmithing profession is the Colorado School of Trades; located in Lakewood, Colorado (ten minutes from Denver), their gunsmithing program enjoys a reputation that has been continually built and polished for over six decades. The accredited two-year program bases its education upon hands-on training specialized to suit aspiring artisan craftsmen. The school’s students perform an impressive number of firearm repair operations every year (4,000 to 5,000) due to the program’s preference for students to practice hands-on work frequently. The Colorado School of Trades is second only to Trinidad State Junior College in its gunsmithing program’s prowess and should seriously be considered if one is hoping to enter a quality educational program for the profession.

Although there are several other gunsmithing schools worth mentioning for an aspiring gunsmith, none of the programs are in the same league as the top three. The promise of hands-on experience and quality accreditation assures that these three schools are among the very best choices for those who wish to study the competitive gunsmith trade. Those who have a passion for firearms will undoubtedly feel at home attending any one of these institutions and will learn enough to last a lifetime.