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Top Criminal Justice Administration Degrees

When most students think about the criminal justice field, their mind usually drifts to things like crime scene investigation, detective work, and the challenges associated with being a law enforcement official. While these careers are quite popular, criminal just administration is an equally popular and important part of the field.

Those who earn criminal justice administration degrees are equipped to interact with law enforcement officials, lawyers, courts, and a wide range of other figures who are essential to pursuing and delivering justice in the event of criminal activity. These professionals are highly sought, well paid, and have access to some of the best degree programs in the country. In particular, five such programs stand out as the best combination of skills, value, and experience, nationwide.

1. Niagara University

Located in western New York, Niagara University offers one of the most unique criminal justice administration programs in the country. The school is barely across the border from Canada, and its entire administration program is designed to give students an international perspective that will prepare them for work in either the United States or Canada after graduation.

The degree program also features courses from Niagara University’s business school and MBA programs, making it a well-rounded way to virtually guarantee a job after graduation. With the right combination of location, instruction, and financial aid availability, the program should be a top target for applicants.

2. University of Phoenix

The criminal justice administration program at the University of Phoenix combines a major in criminal justice administration with a concentration in management. Much like the program offered at Niagara University, those who choose the popular online institution will get a combination of criminal justice skills and business background, preparing them for the widest possible number of career choices after their degree program is finished.

The University of Phoenix comes with the added benefit of being an online university, making it accessible to people nationwide without any commuting to a local campus or other facility. For busy people already in a full-time job, this is a significant asset.

3. Franklin University

Located in Ohio, Franklin University allows their students to pursue a bachelor ’s degree in criminal justice administration either online or at the university’s traditional campus. That flexibility makes Franklin a top destination for online learners, as well as local Ohio residents who need the right mix of in-person instruction and at-home accessibility to course assignments and assessments.

Curriculum at the university focuses on local, state, and federal criminal justice procedures and agencies, giving graduates the tools they need to succeed at any level of government or law enforcement after they have finished the program.

4. Point Park University

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Point Park University is one of the most well regarded schools in the nation. It consistently ranks highly in Princeton Review, College Board, and U.S. News and World Report rankings , and has developed a reputation as a leader in professional education. The criminal justice administration program at PPU is no different. Unlike many other universities in the country, Point Park allows students to enroll in a five-year combined program that will see them graduate with both a B.S. and M.S. in criminal justice administration.

Because of its central location, urban appeal, and generous financial aid programs, Point Park University is a top option for those looking to combine their degrees, save money, and attend one of the most respected universities for this particular program.

5. Lynn University

The M.S. in criminal justice administration offered by Lynn University is one of the newest programs on the market, but it’s also one of the most robust in terms of well-rounded education. The school, which actually started out as a community college in southern Florida, has beefed up its degree programs in an effort to become one of the leading higher education institutions in the country. It has largely succeeded, and its criminal justice administration program is proof of that.

The program combines traditional criminal justice instruction with a master’s-level background in administration and management that will give candidates an edge when applying for jobs. Both domestic and international administration techniques are pursued, which is particularly useful given the university’s proximity to neighboring Puerto Rico and other Caribbean destinations.

Plenty of Great Programs Both Online and Offline
Criminal justice administration is a fast-growing field that has enjoyed high demand nationwide in recent years. That has allowed the instructional programs at major universities around the country to flourish, by combining traditional management education with the nuances associated with criminal justice. With excellent graduate and undergraduate programs from coast to coast, as well as online, the degree is highly accessible to all who have an interest in the field.

Top 10 Online Colleges

1. Capella University
2. Walden University
3. Liberty University
4. Kaplan University
5. Post University
6. Ashford University
7. Western Governors University
8. St. Leo University
9. Argosy University
10. University of Liverpool

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