Top Court Reporting Degrees

by David Paul Krug

Pursuing a court reporting degree will allow you to find a career within the legal community as a court reporter or a deposition reporter as well as find employment in the communications realm, providing captioning and communication assistance for hearing impaired people.

There are a variety of degree programs for court reporters, depending upon the option you wish to pursue. Certificate programs that take a year or less to complete while associates degrees typically take about 2-3 years and bachelor ’s degree programs require about 4 years to complete. The various degree programs each offer a specific level of expertise in relation to the depth of education involved. The more in depth your education and degree, the better the job options that are available to you.

1. Saint Leo University

This school is exclusively an online education program designed to meet the needs of adults who lead full and busy lives as they pursue their degree. A degree in court reporting can be obtained without ever setting foot in a classroom. If you have PC access, you have school access. Saint Leo University enables student s to live their lives, working, raising families, serving in the military while also obtaining a court reporting degree.

2. New York Career Institute

Located in New York, New York, this vocational school is dedicated to providing career training for a number of developing fields. Associates degrees in court reporting can be obtained in about 2 year’s time. Graduates of this court reporting degrees program are held to a demanding standard that results in competent court reporters who can regularly type 225 words per minute. Finding a career in the legal system or communications field is highly possible with a court reporting degree from the New York Career Institute.

3. Fortis College

Pursuing a court reporting degree from Fortis College allows for a lot of flexibility. With 11 campuses in five states, this college aims its programs at working adults who need flexibility and non-traditional hours. This system of schools also provides online education for those who would prefer that level of flexibility. Court reporting degrees from certificates to associates degrees can be obtained through Fortis College.

4. Alvin Community College

Alvin Community College is located in Alvin, Texas, and caters to students who commute to college classes. The campus is fully supportive of the students, even hosting a few clubs despite not having residential students. You can pursue a court reporting degree at Alvin Community College while raising a family and working, living your life.

5. Long Island Business Institute

A private 2 year facility located in Commack, New York, Long Island Business Institute provides students with a diploma or associates degree in court reporting. This certification or degree will allow you to find a satisfying job in communications, helping hearing impaired people with various captioning needs as well as a career in court reporting or deposition reporting in the legal system.

By taking the time to research the process of obtaining a court reporting degree, you can choose a degree program that is right for you. Choose one that fits your life, the one you are living right now. Online or on campus, there is a court reporting degree program that will fit into your life and allow you to successfully pursue your degree and, in time, a career you will enjoy and can thrive with. Both the legal and communications fields have bright and promising paths for graduates from court
reporting degree programs.

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