Top Corrections Degrees

People who are interested in careers in law enforcement or in public safety find that their best option is to pursue a Corrections degree, or a degree in Criminal Justice. Once students graduate from these programs, their options are plentiful and job prospects will most likely continue to grow into the future. There is always a need for corrections and law enforcement officers in society.

Many students who graduate with a degree in Corrections successfully go into careers as police officers, corrections officers, probation officers and parole enforcement officers. Some students graduate equipped to enter the fascinating and fast growing career of forensic science. Some eventually become educators in the field of Criminal Justice.

Here are five of the best known and recommended schools that feature excellent Law Enforcement, Corrections and Criminal Justice degree programs, including two that offer online education:

1. City University Of New York (CUNY)

Founded in 1965, John Jay College offers its students a comprehensive criminal
justice curriculum. This unique study program helps students to find balances in
humanities, arts and sciences with their professional courses of study. The school
features several degree programs with Criminal Justice themes. Some students focus
on international justice, some on criminal justice and some on correctional studies.

Other beneficial programs offered by John Jay College of Criminal Justice include police
studies and legal studies. Students leave John Jay College with a strong and pervasive
wish to make an impact in the world both for themselves and for others. They
experience a rigorous variety of courses, along with many internship opportunities,
research opportunities and interesting community service experiences.

2. Drury University

Drury University is a private University with a focus on liberal arts studies. The
school was established in 1873 and has made a name for itself by offering over 70
different undergraduate and graduate programs. Once students complete their studies,
they can go through an internship program to gain experience at an approved company.

The major in criminology offered by Drury is granted once a student completes 38
credit hours. Courses featured include white-collar crime, exploring capital punishment,
sociology, psychology, criminal behavior and justice for juveniles.

3. Michigan State University

Michigan State University is home to the oldest School of Criminal Justice and to the
oldest criminal justice degree program of its kind in the United States. Their
highly renowned program leads students to a Bachelor ’s of Arts degree in Criminal
Justice. Graduates often go on to work in both the public and private sectors
in administrative positions.

Two of the most popular programs offered by Michigan State University in recent times
have been the Homeland Security program and the Conservation Criminology program. Many
other criminal justice courses of study are also offered including adult corrections,
juvenile justice and police administration. Michigan State University has an impressive,
well-rounded program that is helpful to those who want a criminal justice degree.

4. Kaplan University

Founded in 1937, Kaplan University has the belief that education should be both
accessible and affordable for students. The instruction they offer in their degree
programs are both comprehensive and intensive. They help students not only to earn
a degree, but to be equipped to go forward and work in challenging positions upon

Kaplan University has several Criminal Justice degree programs to offer. They range from
an Associate degree to Bachelor ’s degrees and several options in Master’s degrees as
well. Bachelors degrees can be earned with emphasis on Juvenile Justice, Homeland
Security, Law Enforcement or in Crime scene Investigation.

5. University Of Phoenix

University of Phoenix also offers several degree options ranging from an Associate
degree to Bachelor of Science degrees in Criminal Justice with many administrative
focuses. They also offer three Masters Degree programs in Administration of Justice
in various choices of career fields.

Students today can receive classroom based education in Criminal Justice or complete an online program. These programs effectively prepare students for exciting careers in the Criminal Justice field. Criminal Justice and Corrections are two career areas with excellent advancement potential and many good job prospects.

In modern society, people trained in Corrections and Criminal Justice will continue to be needed. People who are well-educated in these fields can experience success and advancement. This will help to assure that the country continues to run in a lawful way for the future.

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