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Top Affordable Online Associates Degrees

Many people decide after high school to go to community college, but more and more people are getting an online associates degree and then transferring to a bigger college. This is a very common strategy used by new high school graduates, and adults pursing degrees for the first time.

Here are the top 5 colleges for most affordable online associates degree.

Baker College Online

Baker College is a private, non-profit college in Flint, Michigan. A career-oriented college, Baker College was originally founded in 1911 to prepare students for work in the booming automotive industry. Since then the school has expanded considerably, founding several new campuses and developing a strong online presence. Baker College is our selection for the best college with the most affordable online associates degree programs.

Associate’s Degrees
Baker College offers several accredited online associate’s degrees in Business and Applied Sciences, including programs in Accounting, Management, and IT Support Services. At only $210 per credit hour, Baker College offers some of the cheapest accredited associate’s degree programs out there.

Ivy Bridge College

Ivy Bridge College is a part of Tiffin University, a private university in Tiffin, Ohio. While the online college has its own name, a degree from Ivy Bridge is a degree from Tiffin, an accredited comprehensive university with an outstanding reputation.

Associate’s Degrees
Ivy Bridge offers accredited online associate’s degrees in General Studies, Criminal Justice, and Business Administration, with a number of specializations. Courses run from $265-$354 per credit hour, depending on number of credit hours completed, making Ivy Bridge one of the most affordable online schools.

American InterContinental University

American InterContinental University is a private university originally founded as a fashion college. AIU has since expanded into a multi-campus career college for working professionals in a variety of fields. AIU has open admissions and is one of the most affordable schools for online associate’s degrees.

Associate’s Degrees
AIU offers accredited online associate’s degrees in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and Visual Communication, among other areas, with tuition set at $302 per credit hour.

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University (CTU) is a private career university founded as a technical college in 1965. Now a comprehensive university, CTU offers affordable degree programs at every level, with many of them available to completed entirely online.

Associate’s Degrees
CTU offers numerous accredited online Associate of Science degrees in Business and Management, Engineering and Computer Science, Health Sciences, Information Systems and Technology, Security Studies, and more, with tuition starting at $305 per credit hour.

Kaplan University

Kaplan University is one of the largest online colleges in the world. Named for Stanley H. Kaplan, founded of Kaplan Test Prep, Kaplan includes 10 campuses across the country and one of the most affordable online programs anywhere.

Associate’s Degrees
Kaplan University offers several accredited online associate’s degree programs in Arts and Sciences, Business, Criminal Justice, Health Sciences, Legal Studies, Nursing, and Technology. Tuition is only $305 per credit hour, making Kaplan one of the cheapest online colleges for an associate’s degree.