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Top Accelerated Nursing Programs

When today’s students are contemplating career choices, they should consider the healthcare field as it has become a flourishing industry. Students who have earned a nursing degree are eligible for positions that offer more pay. In some cases, current nursing students may qualify for an accelerated curriculum, which will allow them to speed through the next stage of their education requirement.

Once students have made the decision to extend their education, they can sign up for an accelerated nursing program. Students should plan on fieldwork that includes attending local healthcare facilities in order to complete lab and clinical rotations. They may also take online courses. When nursing scholars plan to expand their degree, they should review the top 10 online accelerated nursing programs.

American Sentinel University

With professional accreditation from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, American Sentinel offers a top nursing program. Nursing students will appreciate the private school’s accessible online access that includes the university’s educational curriculum.

The American Sentinel University’s online tuition is $380.00 for each credit hour. Additionally, the school offers several unique benefits for nursing students such as attendees with a current RN license and two years of professional employment will receive a credit of 30 semester hours. With this advantage, students can complete their degree after 30 more credits. New students can join the program monthly, and the school’s terms are eight weeks long.

Kaplan University

Kaplan’s official certification comes from The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. When nursing students choose Kaplan University’s online program, they can expect tuition costs of $315.00 for the school’s BSN program and $368.00 when they take the MSN course.

Kaplan allows registered nurses to finish their undergraduate and graduate degrees in just 36 months. Additionally, scholars may fulfill their credit requirements for a bachelor’s degree along with their master’s during one learning segment. The school focuses on family nurse practitioners, administrators and educators.

South University

Nursing students can feel confident attending South University with its accreditation from Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The university is a private school where students will pay $380.00 for each hour of credit.

South University permits students without a current bachelor’s degree to complete a program in order to receive their master’s degree diploma. Busy students will appreciate the University’s flexibility regarding assignments as the school will allow them to work each element into their personal routine. South University provides degrees in nursing administration, informatics and education.

Brandman University

With its start in 1958, Brandman University has plenty of teaching experience. The school can claim accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. When nursing students begin an online program through Brandman, they can expect tuition costs of $500.00 for each credit hour.

Nursing students have the opportunity to complete the school’s RN or BSN program in just one year. At Brandman University, students can begin courses during the school’s fall or winter semester.

Northeastern University

The school began offering classes in 1898 and expanded to include a program that allows nursing students to earn their RN with a follow up of their BSN in 1973. In order to take online classes through Northeastern, students must have a diploma from a certified course or their associate’s degree. The school will only accept students with a Grade Point Average, or GPA, of 3.0.

Students will pay $550.00 for each credit hour, and when licensed registered nurses sign up for the university’s program, they can finish their course load in just a year.

Benedictine University

The university dates back to 1887 and is among the top-rated schools within the United States. Benedictine University’s accreditation comes from The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Nursing students can expect a cost of $540.00 for each hour of credit and will appreciate that the school provides three start times during the year.

Students can complete the program without creating a thesis and most nursing scholars will have their degree in just two years. In order to receive a degree, each student must finish a 120-hour capstone plan.

Lewis University

As a Catholic school, the university is a non-profit entity. The school’s accreditation comes from The Higher Learning Commission, and the tuition is $740.00 for every hour of credit. Lewis University permits students to begin courses four times each year and nursing students may choose to turn in a practicum or a thesis in order to finish their degree. The school focuses on nursing education and administration.

University of Wisconsin

With its origination in 1871, the University of Wisconsin offers students a lengthy history. The school is among the biggest public schools within the state and received its accreditation from The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

When a Wisconsin resident signs up for a course, they will pay $8,890.00 for each semester while students from other states will owe $12,885.00. The school permits students with their undergraduate degree to gain their bachelor’s with the intention to earn their BSN diploma in just a year.

Roseman University

With accreditation approval by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, Roseman University will accurately educate nursing students for $45,750.00. The university features an accelerated BCN program, which will allow undergraduate students to gain a major outside of their specialty. Students work in a simulation laboratory and can finish their fieldwork in a Southern Nevada healthcare clinic.

College of St. Scholastica

A team of Benedictine sisters originated the school in 1912, and the school’s BSN course received its certification from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. When students take online courses from the College of St. Scholastica, they will pay $12,515.00 for each semester.

Students who have earned a degree under any specialty can join the fast-track BSN course through the school with an opportunity to finish the program in just 16 months. The course’s theory classes are available online, and nursing students can finish their lab requirements at the University’s St. Cloud Campus.