Top Accelerated Bsn Nursing Programs

In today’s world, there is an ever growing need for nurses. Many schools and universities are now offering, what is called, Accelerated BSN programs. These programs not only teach individuals about the nursing field and provide them with the education and knowledge to be a successful nurse but also help them complete the program within months rather than years. The way that an individual can obtain a BSN through the accelerated programs can be done two ways, through online schooling and through the traditional classrooms. Some of the top online schools include: Marian University, University of Wisconsin, and University of Texas at Arlington, to name a few. Most of the Accelerated BSN programs range from 12 months to 18 months at most. The programs allow student s to transfer credits from non-nursing classes that count towards their BSN and then the student s take on classes regarding nursing and more. This prepares students for the clinical examines that occur after classes are completed. The students then have to pass the exam in order to become a nurse.

The work that one must do in the Accelerated BSN program is not to be taken lightly. It is time consuming and a student must be able to focus on what needs to be done and be able to devote their time to their studies. Nurses are extremely valuable. Nurses are normally the first point of contact when we receive any kind of medical treatment. It is imperative that an individual who decides to pursue a nursing degree have the time and energy to concentrate on the tasks at hand without being distracted. The Accelerate BSN program requires this of the students. It is quick and fast paced. It leaves very little, if none, room for mistakes.

One of the most critical things about the Accelerated BSN program is that it takes an individiuals experience from other programs that they may have earned degrees in, and builds on that with the BSN program, regardless of the previous program the student was in. Most schools will find that the type of students wanting to pursue an Accelerated BSN program are those individuals who are serious individuals, fast learners, and determined. Many individuals are making career changes, either because they were unhappy with the job market, or unhappy in general, in their chosen profession.

The number of Accelerated BSN programs has increased exponentially since they first appeared in 1990. The need for these programs is greater with every passing year. While the programs may be tough and require a lot of time, the end result of getting the degree is a rewarding career, helping individuals and also making a respectable amount of money. It is important that a student research the different schools out there offering the Accelerated BSN program. Students can attend online or on campus in a traditional classroom, but it is suggested that the student focus on their BSN degree and nothing else. This means, not working either. This can be difficult for some individuals who are just looking for a better way to make more money in a different field. Those who decide to take the courses online may be able to work part time, while focusing the majority of their time on their studies.

To get into one of these programs, most schools require a decent GPA, normally around the 3.0 area. Also, they look for particular courses taken and completed and sometimes the school may require pre-requisite courses to be taken such as biology or statistics. Many times, classes like these are not taken unless required by the previous degree program.
Tuition rates for an Accelerated BSN program also vary. Depending on the type of campus a student attends, they can either expect to pay at least $600 per credit hour at an online school or $300 per credit hour at a traditional campus. Even though, the online schooling may be a bit more higher in price, it is the convenience factor that attracts most students.

An individual looking to enroll in an accelerated BSN programs needs to understand that they will be required to take on a large workload and complete that work in a very fast amount of time. This is why some people, with families, such as spouses or children, that need to work, may want to reconsider taking the courses. Not only is it an expensive program, but it is also tedious and stressful at times.

Either way, an individual who completes the program will be happy with the new opportunities that await them.

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