Top 10 Online Masters in Public Health Degree Programs

With the weak economy, nothing can further a career like receiving an advanced degree. Many of the Top Online Masters in Public Health Degrees are extremely affordable. An on-line education provides student s with a convenient and inexpensive way to pursue their future career goals. To get started on developing your future, check out one of the following ten Master degree programs.

Walden University
Started in 1970, this school began to experiment with distance education early on. Walden University offers an entirely on-line Master of Public Health. This accredited university seeks to develop students’ understandings of communications and leadership. While striving to promote diversity, the school also works as an advocate of positive social change.

One testament to its phenomenal potential is the vast number of students enrolled at the university. At any given time, there are nearly 50,000 students who chose to attend Walden University to further their career goals. The program is extremely flexible and is designed with an innovative MobileLearn platform. Students can choose to study on their own time and at their own pace.

Kaplan University
Overall, there are 60,000 students who attend Kaplan University on-line or on-campus. This private university is regionally accredited and offers support centers throughout the United States. Named in honor of Stanley H. Kaplan, Kaplan University was started in 1937.

Students who want to pursue a degree in public health can do so within Kaplan’s School of Health Sciences. Kaplan University provides several special emphasis areas including public health program development, epidemiology and health education. With consistent study, students will learn how to create public health programs and implement health education curricula. This unique program is also designed to teach student about the effects of environmental exposures on the health of the general population.

Grand Canyon University
Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Grand Canyon University has more than 40,000 studying at its main campus. This regionally accredited school was started in 1949 to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and education professionals in the area. Currently, Fortune Magazine listed Grand Canyon University as one of the top colleges for entrepreneurship.

This university runs its Master in Public Health program out of the College of Arts and Sciences. The curriculum is designed to emphasize a multidisciplinary approach to public health. Students learn the principles of epidemiology, public health administration processes and population-based health disparities. At the end of their studies, students will conduct a practicum and capstone project.

Benedictine University
Started in 1887, Benedictine University is a Catholic school. This private college has only 5,000 students at any given time. Remarkably, this relatively small college has managed to achieve a job placement rate of 96 percent for graduates.

The Master in Public Health Program teaches student’s information about the effects of genetics and the environment on an individual’s health. In addition to covering current trends, the program is designed to give students the background they need to pursue doctoral studies in the subject matter.

Capella University
The Masters in Public Health Degree at Capella is run though its School of Public Service Leadership. This regionally accredited college was started in 1993 and has a high level of academic support for its students. MPH program attendees can study a generally MPH program or select additional specializations. Some of the specializations offered include health management, behavioral sciences, public health policies and social sciences.

Capella University has a curriculum that is designed to meet national education standards. While studying at Capella University, students will be constantly challenged through their academically rigorous course work.

A.T. Still University of Health Sciences
Unlike many schools on this list, A.T. Still University is still relatively unheard of by many prospective college students. Despite its lack of fame, A.T. Still University was the first osteopathic school of medicine ever. This university was started in 1892 and still has a unique relationship with the National Association of Community health Centers. The program at A.T. Still University was created to promote leadership among its students. Scholars will work on addressing health disparities and learn ways to promote the well-being of the community.

Creighton University
Begun in 1878, Creighton University was first started by the Society of Jesus. This Jesuit college is based out of Omaha, Nebraska and regularly enrolls 8,000 students every year. The Center for Health Policy and ethics at Creighton University runs the college’s Master of Public Health degree. Students receive an education focused on biostatics, community health, marginalized populations and epidemiology. Offered entirely on-line, this program also provides students with specialization options in Public Health Services Administration and Health Policy.

University of Liverpool
Over time, the University of Liverpool has served as the alma mater of nine different Nobel Prize winners. Founded in 1881, the University of Liverpool has an on-line MPH designed to promote the prevention of disease and promotion of health. While enrolled at the university, students can put their academic coursework into practice. The University of Liverpool has designed its program to prepare students for a brilliant career in public health and non-profits.

University of Massachusetts Amherst
Founded in 1863, the University of Massachusetts is one of the top ranked schools in the world. This college is a public research university based out of New England. The University of Massachusetts Amherst also has the distinction of being the largest public university in the New England area.

Students who receive a Master of Public Health at this university will be able to complete all of their coursework completely on-line. The structure of the classes has been created to promote access for full-time workers. All of the university’s courses are available year-round in their on-line formats.

Concordia University- Nebraska
As a private school in Seward, Nebraska, Concordia University has an affiliation with the Lutheran Church. Started in 1894 as a teacher’s college, it has grown to encompass 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The MPH program offers specializations in Health Policy and Administration or Community Health Education. Along with a Christian education, students at Concordia University-Nebraska will be able to learn new public health concepts and increase their knowledge of public policy.

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