Top 10 Masters in Nursing Degrees

Many student s have work and family obligations. This gives them limited time to attend a traditional college. Obtaining an online degree is an effective way to continue their education, even with these obligations. Although there are numerous online schools available, choosing the best one can be overwhelming.

For those who enjoy making a difference while working with people, obtaining an online nursing degree may be the answer. Taking the time to research a school can help ensure that their degree or certificate will be accepted by future employers.

When determining which of the online nursing schools to attend, consider accreditation. An accredited school is required to uphold certain standards. These standards ensure that attending students receive a particular degree of success, as well as a quality education.

The Top Ten Online Masters in Nursing Colleges

1. Grand Canyon University

The online programs available at this university offer students an opportunity to interact with their instructor and other classmates online. These communications will continue for the duration of the course.

This is a Christian-based university. It encourages students to apply moral and ethical values towards their educational studies and in their place of employment.

2. University of Phoenix

This is an accredited online university offering both a graduate and undergraduate degree.

Nurses who have an undergraduate degree may consider enhancing their career by earning their Master of Science in Nursing. This degree is appealing to registered nurses, who are interested in handling the business aspects of healthcare organizations and educating others.

3. Azusa Pacific University

Any student, who is interested in becoming a nurse, can benefit from the degree and certificate programs offered at this university. This nursing school offers financial aid at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. This aid is in the form of traineeships and scholarships.

Students are required to submit an application, references, current nursing degree or certificate, transcripts, immunization records, as well as a writing sample that displays their communication skills.

4. Capella University

This university offers various nursing programs. Capella University offers individuals who aspire to enhance their nursing career a superior education opportunity.

The accredited programs available include specific fields of study, such as diabetes, gerontology and administration.

5. Western Governor University

The nursing programs available here offer an affordable rate. The Western Governor University charges tuition every six months. The university charges a flat rate for its programs. Financial aid is available for the majority of students.

Applicants are required to have a GED or high school diploma. Upon acceptance, potential students must also complete an entrance interview.

6. Kaplan University

Individuals can pursue their MSN through the nursing program at Kaplan University. Kaplan University offers a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to enhance each student’s problem-solving and critical thinking skills, as well as highly-skilled instructors.

A full-time student can earn her degree within 18 months. Some certificate programs offered are Nurse Educator, Nurse Administrator, Adult-Gerontology, Nurse Practitioner and Family Nurse Practitioner.

7. Chamberlain College of Nursing

This college offers individuals the opportunity to pursue their associate degree in nursing online. This college also offers other advanced nursing programs.

There are numerous kinds of financial aid available in the form of loans, scholarships and grants. All the nursing programs offered here are regionally and nationally accredited.

8. Everest University

The nursing programs offered at Everest are regulated degree programs. These programs are available to all students who desire to work in the nursing field.

Everest offers students associate degree programs and practical nursing, as well as an advanced MSN degree program.

All the programs at Everest University voluntarily receive periodic evaluations. These evaluations ensure the curriculum is appropriate to give students what they need for a rewarding nursing career. The State Board of Nursing has approved all of the programs at Everest University.

Everest University also provides its graduates with career placement services. These services assist them with improving their resume, becoming proficient in the interviewing process and locating employment.

9. Keiser University

Keiser University’s online nursing program has been designed to help registered nurses obtain their MSN to further their professional career.

It is necessary for students to converse with an admissions counselor. They must also provide proof of their previous schooling.

10. South University Nursing

The accelerated courses that are offered at this university allow students to finish their degree program in less time than many similar nursing programs.

Students are able to receive personalized attention due to the small class sizes. This also helps offer the students a challenging, yet friendly learning environment.

Obtaining a quality education is vital to ensure the necessary knowledge and nursing skills are received for a rewarding and lucrative nursing career.

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