Top Masters In Public Administration

While management and administration skills are most commonly identified with the business community, there is a strong need for this skill set in the political and government worlds as well. These skills are especially useful when creating new civil … [Continue reading]

Top MBA In Supply Chain Management

In an era when much of the supply chain for today's businesses comes from countries overseas, excellent supply management is more in demand than ever. Today, professionals must make sure that the supply chain is efficient, well regulated, in line … [Continue reading]

Top MBA in Entrepreneurship

The internet has allowed the business community to escape from the boundaries of its legendary top-floor offices, and it has sent a large portion of the work force home to telecommute into work. Still others have decided to put these advantages to … [Continue reading]

Top MBA In Logistics Management

From packaging products to ensuring that everything is in place on time, logistics managers have a lot on their plates. It's no surprise, then, that most businesses require their logistics managers and supply chain executives to have at least an MBA … [Continue reading]

Top Masters In Project Management

Though it was once perceived to be one of the least desirable positions with any business, project management has quickly transformed into one of the hottest careers in the business and management field. That's largely due to changing economic times, … [Continue reading]

Top Masters of Science in Nursing Management

With the nursing field growing at a pretty rapid pace, especially in light of economic woes in other industries, it's no surprise that nursing management programs are exploding in popularity. Increasingly large nursing staffs must be managed by … [Continue reading]

Top Criminal Investigation Degrees

Criminal investigation is a growing field. There are careers in criminal justice requiring either an associates (2 year program) or a bachelors (4 year program) degree. The following are summaries of the top five criminal investigation programs and … [Continue reading]

Top Paralegal Degrees

The paralegal field seems to always be expanding, with qualified professionals easily landing jobs in some of the most notable firms right after graduation. That's likely due to the fast pace of expansion and growth in the legal field itself, though … [Continue reading]

Top Legal Assistant Degrees

Generally considered the entry-level positions at most law firms, at least aside from the file clerks who roam the corridors, the market for legal assistants is one that always seems to be quite strong nationwide. Generally, their duties include … [Continue reading]

Top Juvenile Justice Degrees

For far too long, the American justice system was setup to cater almost exclusively to adult criminals who had a long series of crimes logged in their records files. That approach simply didn't work for those under the age of 18, many of whom were … [Continue reading]