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College is a great place to explore your potential and begin your life of success, but what should you do when you're not sure what path to take? Choosing a degree in college is an important decision, and one that can impact the rest of your life. At College Degree Search, we want to provide you with all of the information you need to make this decision easier. Everyone is different, and your strengths and talents can play a huge role in what will make a successful career. Learn more about yourself, and what your future may hold – and get ready for college with College Degree Search!
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Arts & Humantities

Arts and Humanities includes the fields of Fine Art, Performance Arts, Design, Music, English and Literature, Languages and Linguistics and Philosophy and Linguistics to name a few. Degrees in this field may require a sense of creativity and focus more on subjective course matter rather than logic.


Business deserves a field of itself, as its focuses are vast and quire different than others. A business college can offer courses and focuses in any aspect of running or taking part in an organization. Anything from actuarial science, human resources, statistics, real estate, are available.

Health & Medicine

Health and Medicine covers anything you might be looking for in the Health Professions field, including clinical laboratory science, medical administration, mental and social health services, nursing, rehabilitation and of course medicine itself. These fields may require strength in bio0logy, chemistry, and even people skills.

Media & Social Sciences

Media and Social Sciences are different, but both involve and understanding and communication with people. Media is mostly the communication aspect, where you might find majors in advertising, editing, journalism, broadcasting and interpretation. Social Sciences seek to understand humanity and its history by studying anthropology, geography, economics, history, and politics.

Multi-Disciplinary Studies

Multidisciplinary Studies does just what the title suggests, focuses on a range of subjects that all come together for a common cause. Some examples of this would be Ethnic, Cultural, and Gender Studies, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Parks, Recreation and Fitness. Its not always necessary to choose one field, many programs offer majors that can bring your interests together.

Public and Social Services

If serving your community, or people in general, is where your passion lies then you may find that Public and Social Services is the right path for you. This field includes majors in Law, Military, Public Administration, Social Services, Security and Protective services, Theological Studies, and Religious Vocations.

Science, Math, and Technology

These logic based fields are often grouped together as they depend on fact based information. They are very different, but have the element of discovery in common. Agriculture, Biology, Computer Sciences, Engineering, Statistics, and Environmental Science are just a few of the most common options.

Brainstorm Your Future

Take the time to sit down and consider what makes you happy, or what you're the most talented at. While these things may not always coincide, they're a good place to start in considering your future. Which one is more important? Can they be compromised? Finding a place in the middle will ensure happiness for a lifetime.

Make Your Game Plan

You don't need to have a plan for the rest of your life, but once you have an idea of the field you're most interested in its time to make a plan. Researching schools that offer numerous resources within your field is a great place to start. Allow yourself some wiggle room and make sure there are plenty of options to choose from when you start to feel comfortable in your area of study.

Succeed in College

Doing well in college opens up your possibilities for a successful career right out of school. Getting good greats is the top priority, but broadening your horizons with internships, work experience, and extracurricular activities can make your resume stand out from the crowd. Learning the best way to study and absorb information can help you in class, and pay off down the road.

Expand Your Opportunities

Your education can go far beyond your undergraduate degree. Investing your time in graduate education can only be positive for acquiring a top level position in the future. Studies have shown that the more education you receive, the bigger your capacity for earning is. No matter where you are in your life, education can move you forward.