Nursing Degrees

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Anyone who wants to become a nurse should really know all of the different programs and degrees that are available to them. There is a wide range and each one offers its own advantages to those who complete them. This is solely discussing degrees along with the highest certification that can be had without attending a university or college.

Licensed Practical Nurse Training Certification – These are also known as LPNs and usually only need to have one year of training. The schooling is not as in depth as a college degree would be but offers more than other training programs that do not last as long or which do not cover as much material. These nurses are considered the middle rung of nursing and the pay scale is in the middle as well. Because it only takes a year to complete the courses, many starting out in the field complete their certification and work in the industry as they obtain their preferred degree.

Associate’s in Nursing – This is the first of the nursing degrees that can be had and like the LPN, it is popular because the basics are taught, to a much fuller degree than the certification program, and work can begin immediately after graduation and testing has been completed. Those who want to further their career and their education can do so while still being employed in their profession. Once the degree is completed, the title of Registered Nurse is given and the acronym ASN is used.

Bachelor ’s in Nursing – This degree is formally called a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is a four year university program. Those who complete this degree are given the acronym of BSN and are the nurses that are most sought after. They can rise further through their careers and are offered the most in starting salaries when compared to the LPN or the ASN.

Master’s in Nursing – There are many programs that fall in this category and each one offers its own specialty. Once a BSN has been achieved, a student can get their master’s by going to a university and applying for one of the programs. Each school offers their own so it is important to do the research before making any commitments.
These are the most common degrees and certification for licensed nurses. There are many schools that offer courses in times that fit the schedule of the student. Online courses are also available to make it even easier to get the degree or certification that is wanted.

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