Public Health Scholarships

Deciding to pursue a career in public health is an investment in a very rewarding career. The education required to meet this goal can be very expensive, but by applying for and receiving scholarships those costs can be brought down considerably. Financial aid is important since college costs can add up very quickly to thousands of dollars.

Scholarships are a great way to fund an education since they are considered to be a gift and not a loan that needs to be paid back. They are essentially free money to pursue education. Scholarships come with no requirements to complete research in a field or work on projects like a grant or a fellowship would require.

It takes work along with patience and persistence to get a scholarship, but it is a very rewarding endeavor. Students have many resources available to them to help them get scholarships. When searching for a scholarship, keep in mind that there are scholarships available in many specialties in public health such as maternal health, nutrition, education and children’s health. Knowing which aspect of public health is going to be pursued is very helpful in the search for specifically related scholarships.

The Internet is a wonderful place to begin a search for public health scholarships and there are several good websites that are helpful in that search. FastWeb, College Board and are great places to start. Scholarships can be found in these places that are based on the students grade point average, geographic location and the type of program the student is interested in. From these websites, the search can then be narrowed down.

The University’s finance office is another great place to find information on scholarships and to get applications. It is always worthwhile to visit the finance office to get the latest information on what is available. They are there to help students in pursuit of their goals. They can offer valuable information on what scholarships are available and the qualifications needed to apply for them.

The library can also be a place to find information on scholarships. There are books available that list thousands of available scholarships, and the staff of the library will often have knowledge of community scholarships available as well as national scholarships. The library is sometimes overlooked as a place for finding scholarships, but it can be a very valuable resource.

No search for public health scholarships would be complete without looking into scholarships offered by organizations and groups. Both private and public sectors may have scholarships available, and it is wise to pursue all options. The Centers For Disease Control may have scholarships available, or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is another good public sector resource. Check into hospital and pharmaceutical companies as well to see if they have scholarships available.

Even when scholarships are for small amounts of money, when they are added together, they can amount to a lot of financial help in the pursuit of a very rewarding public health career. It takes time and effort to get scholarships but they are very worthwhile and can help immensely to defray the costs of a college education. Receiving public health scholarships can be the vehicle that helps students to meet their goals and to become the public health sector leaders of tomorrow.

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