Does A College Degree Really Matter ?

by David Paul Krug

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“I’m a 20 year old serial entrepreneur, and I’ve always wondered why the world thinks college is such an important aspect of life? I read like no other, and feel like I get more knowledge from books than my friends get from college. I have a year and a half of junior college, but I often find myself wondering why it’s so important. I feel like it’s almost brainwashed into us from our first years of schooling. Go to school, get a degree, 16+ years of school. By the time you finish college, you’re $60,000+ in the hole and you have a piece of paper that says you graduated. You have no guarantees for all that hard work and cold hard cash you just put into that piece of paper. I guess my thinking is that I can spend maybe $2,000 on books, go to meetups and stay in the entrepreneur/startup culture (for the contacts) and put the saved money into a few businesses. Am I completely off base here? ”

Does A College Degree Really Matter?

Here’s my take College Degrees are absolutely worth it. They open doors that might never have opened before. More importantly College provides a framework for learning. Learning in my opinion is the greatest thing that anyone can do with their life. Learning is expensive if you go the traditional route. Online learning, and online degrees gives you more options.

My father always used to say if there is a will there’s a way. You can always figure out a way to pay for something. If you are motivated to learn, college is a great way. If you can’t afford to make that investment, find other creative ways to invest in your learning.

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