A College Degree In English

by David Paul Krug · 0 comments

If you are planning to take up Language as your major in college, expect to be introduced to a whole new world of learning grammar, word usage, pronunciation and conversational style. All these things can be utilized when you penetrate professional areas that include business, law, human resource management, and healthcare management.

Interpreters and translators are two of the most common potential jobs of students taking up a Language. An average fluency in a particular language is not enough to be a translator and interpreter. Definitely, one needs a formal education to enhance his/her cultural awareness, attention to detail, in-depth comprehension of contextual vocabulary, listening and communication skills.

In addition to this, owning a degree in a particular language will help a student develop deeper understanding of the literature and culture of speakers from various nations. Online courses are also offered to teach various languages which also give back certificates and accredited degrees.

The rule in selecting electives is to initially mix language courses and cultural studies. Make sure to include courses in history, politics and religion; this will enable you to understand the culture of the people with such language.

Furthermore, a language degree program is a big help in honing your research and memorization skills that are very useful for translations, reporting, deadlines, and communications.

Say for example, you want to be an acquisitions specialist in Italian Renaissance art; you don’t just need to have an Italian fluency to be able to deal with the sellers or lenders of the art. Cultural fluency is also important in order to do research and translate historical documents.