20 Free Resources to Launch a Startup in Your Dorm Room

by David Paul Krug · 0 comments

Starting a business doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact many of the best startups in the world started in college dorm rooms, or in their parents garages.

Have you heard of Dell, Facebook, Fedex, or Microsoft ?

All of these companies got there start in dorm rooms. It’s not impossible to start something and costs shouldn’t be an obstacle standing in your way. Here is a list of resources I’ve personally used to start businesses, and make a profit. All of them are free.

The best resource of all isn’t even on the list but it’s hustle.

Learning & Community
Hacker News
Code Academy
Startup Ideas from Ideawatch

Content Management System
Free WordPress Themes

Analytics & Conversions
Google Analytics

Web Hosting

Digital Product Development
Scrivener for Ebook/Infoproduct Creation
Cacoo for Wireframes and Diagrams

Document Sharing
Google Docs

User Acquisition & Marketing
RankPay for Pay Per Performance SEO
Visual.ly for Infographics
MyBlogGuest for Guest Blogging
Content Facilitator for Guest Blogging
Social Contests for WordPress
Empire Avenue

Email List Management

Startup Funding

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