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Top Online Colleges For Grad Students

The future of education is changing rapidly, and online colleges are becoming a more popular choice for many students. With many adult learners wanting to go back to school for a higher degree and better paying career, online schools provide flexible academic schedules that allow learners to take classes at their own pace. Not only do online colleges provide flexibility around working hours, but they also consider family responsibilities as well and allow students to create their own schedule around family. Along with flexibility, online colleges offer lower tuition costs compared to traditional learning institutions. With many prospective students considering online education as their path to success, there are many colleges that offer a variety of unique aspects that suit each student’s preference. If you’re a graduate student planning to further your education yet want to continue working and save money, consider one of these top 20 online colleges to attend.

1. Ashford University
Located in Iowa, Ashford University is one of the top accredited online schools in the nation. Starting out as a junior college for women, Ashford University has grown into an advancing online college for every student. Ashford University offers associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees to accommodate students’ educational needs. From business to human services, Ashford University offers a wide range of programs for nearly every specialty.

2. American InterContinental University
With accreditation from The Higher Learning Commission, American InterContinental University is a well known international university that offers online education in the U.S. and England. American InterContinental University’s online campus provides a realistic and effective learning program that makes every student feel like they’re on a traditional college campus. Since many students want to gain knowledge quickly yet maintain high quality education, American InterContinental University features their accelerated programs that allow students to obtain their degree of choice in as little as 12 months.

3. Liberty University Online
Since 1985, Liberty University Online, or LU Online, is a faith-based college that has provided many students with associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in a variety of fields. With over 115 programs, Liberty University Online has an extensive list of specializations in psychology, religion, counseling and other areas of expertise. With their online library and writing center, LU Online aids in their students’ success by providing them with helpful resources.

4. Everest University Online
Everest University Online is renowned for their excellent and supportive staff team. With full commitment to their students, Everest University Online’s faculty provides aid in all areas, from setting up computers for their online students to emotional encouragement. Not only does Everest University Online feature their dependable staff, but they also provide smaller classes to cater to all their students’ needs. At Everest University Online, graduate students are presented with their Career Placement Services to help them find suitable jobs after graduation.

5. Drexel University Online
As one of the top online colleges around, Drexel University Online is a private university that holds a tremendous online academic program. With special acknowledgement from famous news reports, Drexel University Online offers elite educational programs in engineering, science, and business.

6. Keiser University Online
Keiser University Online is an exceptional online learning institution that caters to their students’ success with interactive, web-based classes and online discussions. Keiser University Online equips their students with useful resources, such as a resume writing service, writing lab, and mock interviews, to prepare them for career opportunities.

7. Kaplan University
At Kaplan University, students take a refreshing dive into online education. With over 50,000 students attending Kaplan University’s online program, most students are adult learners with families and full-time jobs. Kaplan University allows a five-week trial with zero tuition commitment to provide an introduction to the Kaplan University experience to their prospective students.

8. Post University
Designed with challenging and rewarding online courses, Post University arranges classes in eight-week frames, six times a year, to allow students to focus on one course at a time. Not only does Post University present manageable schedules, but they also help students obtain their degrees in as little as 18 months. With a daily, 24-hour tutoring service, Post University supplies their students with assistance to aid in their academic success.

9. Southern New Hampshire University
Southern New Hampshire University, or SMHU, provides quality education and the full college experience through their online program. Since Southern New Hampshire University does not require the GMAT or GRE, future students can relieve the stress of taking exams and have a fair chance of acceptance to Southern New Hampshire University. With Southern New Hampshire University’s Career Development Services, students can nurture their skills for their career goals.

10. Northeastern University
As one of the leading online educational institutions, Northeastern University offers in depth courses to enhance skills and refresh the mind with new knowledge. Northeastern University provides flexibility in admissions by offering nine start dates to their prospective students.

11. DeVry University
DeVry University supplies their students with class materials a week before classes start to ensure they’re well prepared. With DeVry University’s simple online navigation system, students can easily access their assignments and other resources to stay on top of their schoolwork. DeVry University also uses online document sharing to send and receive assignments quickly.

12. Western Governors University
Founded by 19 governors in the U.S., Western Governors University educates over 30,000 students in their online program. With special accreditation from National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, Western Governors University is famous for their rewarding college education in different fields, such as education and business. Western Governors University uses a competency-based program to ensure their graduates are highly trained for professional careers.

13. Walden University
Graduates who are pursuing a doctorate degree can attend Walden University to develop their skills of leadership and teaching. At Walden University, students can find various concentrations to advance in while continuing to participate in the workforce.

14. Saint Leo University Online
Saint Leo University Online provides high quality education for all adult learners from all backgrounds. With their career services, Saint Leo University Online prepares their students for the workforce with time management techniques and information on choosing a career.

15. ECPI University
Specializing in business, technology, and health science, ECPI is an accredited online college with schedule flexibility and graduate employment services. ECPI is one of the top three technology schools to attend.

16. Virginia College
As a global provider of education, Virginia College arranges their curriculum to assist students in receiving immediate hire or promotions in current jobs. At Virginia College, practiced professionals offer authentic education and real-life experiences in certain fields for a better learning environment.

17. Colorado State University-Global Campus
At Colorado State University-Global Campus, students can obtain their degree directly from the noted Colorado State University System. Along with bachelor’s degree and graduate programs, CSU-Global Campus also offers several certificates of completion.

18. Walden University
Walden University accommodates adult learners with their unique online services to sharpen skills in specific areas, such as math and writing. With personalized tutoring and assistance, students at Walden University receive quality help to further develop their skills.

19. California InterContinental University
Business administration and management is the main subject California InterContinental University, or CalUniversity, offers. From healthcare management to financing, CalUniversity educates students with in depth materials in various business areas and be properly trained for future careers. With flexible financial plans and scholarships, CalUniversity provides their students with financial aid that suits their needs.

20. Brandman University
Brandman University recognizes the importance of education and offers several degrees and certifications to their adult learners. With coaching for personal and professional lives, students at Brandman University can accomplish their career goals with the assistance the school provides. Brandman University also accepts credits from students who have completed previous coursework and gained experience outside the classroom.

When it comes to education, choosing the right online program for you is a crucial decision. With this list of the top 20 schools that offer graduate programs, your scavenger hunt for an outstanding school can be quicker and easier.

Graduate Programs at Claremont Mckenna College

A popular adage says that learning is a continuous process. True enough, the mysteries and the knowledge that the world has to offer are infinite in a sense that one can never learn them all throughout his lifetime. But, expanding one’s knowledge and experience can be undertaken in a lot of fruitful ways, be it in or out of an academic institution. After finishing a bachelor’s degree program, it can be a wise decision to enroll at a graduate program that will further enhance one’s skills as well as his intelligence at his chosen field.

One of the best schools that offer competent graduate programs is Claremont Mckenna College which is located in Claremont, California. Since 1946, this school has been producing graduates that are well equipped to meet the challenges of the world and excel in their respective careers. Claremont used to be an exclusive school for the boys but now, it has become coeducational. In the recent poll of the top 50 colleges and universities in America, Claremont Mckenna placed on the 25th overall ranking.

Applied Social Psychology
If you are genuinely interested in the behavioral sciences, you can enroll in a graduate program whose concentration is centered on the Applied Social Psychology. This program will enable the student to learn how to conduct research in the pursuit of conclusive and new data using the applied concepts of Social Psychology. The classes are conducted in small groups where every student is given the chance to voice out his opinions and learn from his classmates and professor through a discourse approach. Students are given the chance to master the facets of important concepts such as the theories of social psychology, group dynamics, and intra and interpersonal communication. Emphasis on the practice of extensive research is also given to make sure that students under this program are well equipped when they venture on social researches that are made in partnership with the different branches of the government and various private sectors.

Claremont’s Social Psychology department has long been involved in the development of Social Psychology as a field and a career. Every year, CGU stages the Claremont Symposium on Applied Social Psychology. This is an international conference that gathers all the social psychology scholars and experts from the different points of the globe.

Degree options from this department include the Doctorate degree with a concentration in Applied Social Psychology and the M.A with a concentration in Applied Social Psychology and Evaluation.

Health Behavior Research
Another graduate program that is being offered by CGU is the Health Behavioral Research. Recognizing the importance of experts that can deal with the behavioral aspects of diseases and disease outbreak, CGU ensured that their graduate programs under the Health Behavioral Research will provide all the necessary skills and intelligence to make their graduates in this field globally competitive.
The focus of this field is the application of the psychological sciences to the promotion of the overall health and the prevention of disease and disease outbreak. Public health is also a major concern as well as the health of local and global communities.

Health behavior graduate students are given the chance to widen their skills and knowledge through various internship projects and on the job training sessions. Students from this field can test and exercise their knowledge through working with one of these organizations: Institute for Organizational and Program Evaluation Research and the Health Psychology and Prevention Science Institute.

Psychology and the Law
Those who are thinking of pursuing a career in Law and Legal Sciences can enroll in a graduate study program in Claremont which focuses on Psychology and Law. This field will educate the student regarding all the facets of the legal system. All the loopholes and the strongholds of each aspect are explored, with the aim to gather data that will be conclusive for the betterment and improved efficacy of the practice.

Graduate Degree Programs at Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the leading academic institutions that are renowned from all parts of the world. Though many call it Stanford, the complete name of the university is Leland Stanford Junior University. The university has been producing competent works and researches concentrating on the field of mathematics, technology and science. A steady producer of Turing awardees, world leaders, and billionaires, Stanford is considered as Harvard’s runner up when it comes to global competitiveness and excellence.

Stanford placed on the eight spot of the 50 Best College and Universities in America. Aside from its numerous undergraduate degree programs, Stanford also has a wide range of graduate programs that one can choose to enroll to. These graduate programs concentrates on various academic fields and some of them are interdisciplinary.

Graduate Programs: School of Medicine
There are many options for graduate studies that are being offered by the School of Medicine. One of them is the MS Program in Epidemiology. This graduate course concentrates on the study of pathogens and disease and their effects on different environments and set of peoples. The emphasis of this program is on the various approaches that will improve the condition of human health.
Another program is the Masters of Medicine. This can be a good preparatory ground for those who are thinking of taking up a PhD in Medicine. Students who are taking this course are given the chance to be very adept in topics including biology, physiology, microbiology, and other relevant medical fields.

One can also choose to take up a Master’s degree in Health Services Research. This program enables the students to learn more about the effects of health policies to the public. This MS program is administered by the Department of Health Research and Policy. This department is under the School of Medicine.

Stanford School of Business
For those whose interest lies on the world of entrepreneurship and finance, the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) can offer training that will prove to be useful in later life. Students of GSB are subjected under the rigorous training involving the lessons on economic, behavioral, and mathematical sciences. The classes are conducted in small learning groups to ensure that there the environment is conducive to learning. Peer to peer sharing of information is also encouraged and the discourse approach is strongly practiced.

Stanford Law School
Learning all the intricacies of the legal system can be a fruitful undertaking with the Stanford Law School. A consistent producer of globally competitive lawyers, Stanford Law School is guaranteed to give you the best education that you need to be an excellent lawyer.

One of the programs under the School of Law is the JD program. This program is interdisciplinary, providing students the exposure to different fields. Joint degree programs are also offered as well as the Advanced Degree program that offer four choices for master’s degree programs and a doctoral degree.

Graduate Degree Programs at California Institute of Technology

Life after college is still a blur for many. Most will plan on taking a job, settling down, and establishing a career. Though a bachelor’s degree is enough to assert that one is indeed fully equipped to take on the challenges of the world, a graduate program can help in improving one’s expertise regarding his preferred field. Graduate programs can also provide a good avenue for one to meet different influential contacts from a range of academic disciplines.

Taking up a graduate course from the California Institute of Technology can be a good career move. This academic institution is classified as a private research university. Located in Pasadena, California, this university is renowned for their world class achievements in the field of engineering, science, and technology. Caltech bagged the ninth spot in the recent poll of the 50 Best Colleges and Universities in America. Global ranking platforms such as Academic Ranking of World Universities and Times Higher Education World University Rankings have agreed that Caltech is indeed one of the world’s finest schools.

Doctor of Philosophy
A deeper venture in the field of the philosophical sciences can be made more worthwhile when taken in Caltech. The work for the doctorate degree in this field is concentrated on the excellent levels of scholarly research and application of philosophical concepts and theories. The bulk of this program is dedicated to the production of a graduate study research. After completing his thesis, the student is required to present his findings before a panel which will discuss the merits and relevance of the study. Various conferences focusing on this field is also routinely held at Caltech to give their students a chance to meet scholars and experts of philosophy.

Engineers’ Graduate Degree
Graduate studies focusing on aeronautical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering are being offered by the School of Engineering at Caltech. To earn a graduate degree regarding this field, students are expected to complete a research conducted on a specified field of study. The study should be made in accordance to the standards and specifications set by the faculty. Students are encouraged to consul with their advisers and other faculties regarding any problem that they encounter while completing their study.

Master of Science
The Master of Science is designed to help a student prepare himself for more advanced courses of teaching, for the application of science theories and concepts and for more competitive and demanding industries in need of experts in the field of the hard sciences. The requirements for the completion of the graduate studies are based on the graduate courses as well as the final thesis of the student. Ideally, students can finish their Masters degree in just a matter of a year.

What Is A Tax Law Program ?

Taxation is an inherent power of every State. This means that every sovereign has the power to collect money over its residents and citizens in order to continue the survival of the State. The money collected by the State differs in amount and in procedure. Some moneys are collected directly while some are collected with the payer noticing it. The money collected is divided in accordance with the mandate and will of the law.

A student may find taxation a boring subject while finds it as one of the most interesting subject in the field of legal studies. This course will teach you the substantive and procedural aspect of tax laws. That includes the basic principles and the computation of tax that are about to be paid (or collected) by the individual.

A graduate of this course is expected to master the provision of tax laws including the remedies available in cases of legal issues involving taxation and tax impositions.

What Is An Intellectual Property Law Program ?

Intellectual properties are the type of properties that are intangible and cannot be held by bare hands. Many advanced world countries provide protection over these kinds of properties as it helps enhance the countries’ economy. Learning Intellectual Property Laws are designed to inform the students how to protect an intellectual property and how to institute an action against the offender.

Intellectual Property Law is a very interesting subject because it covers cases that present in our day-to-day transaction. This course provides awareness to students about laws related to Copyright, Patent and Trademarks.

The student will be exposed to different Treaties and International Conventions. He/she will be trained to interpret and construe the provision of both local and international laws.

What Is A Public International Law Graduate Program ?

The study of the Law and the justice system not just in US, but also in the entire world is one of the most interesting fields to practice. Such study enlightens you to know the culture, tradition and history of the State place giving you more comprehension why such State decided to pursue with their legal norms. Given this fact, conflicting legal mandates and statutes are not impossible to happen. Thus, when one national went to another State following the laws of his origin which happens to be in conflict with the State which he currently resides, the question is: what are the obligations of the State in respect to legal issues experienced by the said individual?

Public International law has the answer for that. Public International law is a branch of law that deals with the relationship of one State to another. A graduate of Public International Law will be dealing with representing and assisting clients in legal controversies related to State-to-State transactions. In this course, the will be thought about international agreements, conventions and treaties entered by one State to another.