Bachelors Degree in Nursing

It is a well known fact that nurses are always in high demand. Those who seek to further their education can make double the money of those nurses who only have a year’s certification. It can be easier to seek an Associate’s Degree before moving on to the Bachelor ’s. This is because they can work at their profession while they are working on a higher degree. Once the Bachelor ’s has been achieved, the perfect foundation is set for moving onto the master’s level. Each level offers more opportunities, responsibilities as well as pay.

The Bachelor’s of Science Nursing Degree, which is the formal name, can take more than four years to complete depending upon the amount of time that is spent at school. Full time students can average just over four years while part time students may need six years to achieve their degree. Since the first two years are core classes that would be needed for any degree, many find that the associates program, which is two years, allows them to complete these courses and then begin working. The final two years or more are spent on courses that are designed for nursing alone.

Those who are already a licensed practical nurse or LPN can further their career by taking courses that are specifically designed for nursing, which gains them the degree of choice in a shorter amount of time. This is because all of the courses are used alongside their experience to gain rather than focusing on core classes that may not be necessary to the student. This is a popular way for LPNs to get the job advancement that they want without having to go through all of the schooling that is irrelevant to them.

For those who are interested in furthering their career as well as their education, a Bachelor’s of Science Nursing Degree can be the perfect choice. There are online courses that can be taken that work around the busy schedule of the already working nurse. Most universities also offer these programs and they tailor their courses for the hours that the student may need to complete their studies.

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