Associates Degree in Nursing

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Many people are considering a career in nursing because there is such a demand for them right now. With the economy falling and every other industry suffering from layoffs and shut downs, it is comforting to know that there is still an industry where there is job security and the chance to move forward in a career. Many factors lead up to this need but the main reason is the aging baby boomer and their need for health care.

Some of the industries where nurses are needed are:

Medical Centers
Doctor’s Offices
Nursing Home
Hospice in Home Care

An Associate’s Degree in Nursing can offer an entry level position that can be the foundation for a rewarding career in nursing. Any nurse who has this degree can further their education by seeking a Bachelor ’s and then Master’s Degree if they choose. The better the degree, the better the pay that the nurse can attain and the more responsibility they have. While many may not be able to afford to move on in their career by staying in school full time, it is possible to work while still moving forward. Some employers may even mitigate the cost of schooling in order to help the nurse achieve it quicker.

The two year or Associate’s program focuses mainly on the technical aspects of the job and are very general courses. There are also core classes that need to be taken that are required if moving up in education. Those who are not planning to further their education may want to stick with a program that offers this degree quicker without the core classes. The problem with this is that if the core classes are not completed and the nurse decides that they want to seek a higher degree, they have to take the time to complete these before working on the actual degree.

An Associate’s Degree in nursing only takes two years to complete and offers a great platform for moving up the scholarly ladder. When the core classes are skipped, then the degree program can take as little as a year. It is really up to the student to decide which is more important to them before choosing the program. There are many schools and programs that are offered online for the convenience of the student.

Once you see all of the benefits to this type of nursing degree, as well as how easy it is to obtain one today, you will be able to make a more accurate decision about whether or not this is right for you. It could be one of the most important things you ever decide to do.

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