Accelerated Nursing Programs in West Virginia

by David Paul Krug

Many people are looking into accelerated Nursing programs in West Virginia. These special nursing programs take only 11-18 months to complete a Baccalaureate Degree and 3 years to complete a Masters Degree, much shorter than more traditional programs. Accelerated Nursing programs in West Virginia can also be earned online or on campus, giving the student flexibility when entering this rigorous program.

Accelerated Nursing programs work very well for students who have already earned their undergraduate degrees in other fields of student and performed well academically. When considering an accelerated Nursing program in West Virginia, be certain to understand that program administrators generally look for students who graduated with 3.0GPAs or higher and have a proven track record of academic excellence before admitting them into a program whose increased pace builds upon information learned successfully at a previous school. Accelerated Nursing programs have been very successful, producing students who thrive in the workplace and are sought after by employers. Pursing a degree from an accelerated Nursing program in West Virginia can be just the fast track that some students need in order to start their career in nursing.

Accelerated Nursing programs operate in 43 states, online and on campus, and in 2011 graduated over 11,000 students. Each year the number of accelerated Nursing programs in West Virginia grows with the support of legislators, employers, and students, providing opportunities for those people who are willing to utilize their history of academic excellence in a rigorous but rewarding program in order to reach their maximum potential in a minimal amount of time and achieve their dreams of entering into the nursing field.

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