Accelerated Nursing Programs in Texas

by David Paul Krug

Texas, like all other states, always has a need for licensed nurses, and accelerated nursing programs in Texas may be the best way to become a nurse. While some accelerated nursing programs in Texas are reserved for those who have a bachelor’s degree, not all accelerated BSN programs in Texas have this requirement. The required BSN courses and the interview should not pose a problem for anyone genuinely interested in becoming a nurse, but knowing what to expect makes getting into and graduating from a nursing program, accelerated or not, much easier.

To study nursing through an accelerated nursing program in Texas, you will need to take certain courses, which all BSN students take, and you may have to participate in an entrance interview to determine whether you and the accelerated nursing program in Texas are a good fit for each other. This is common with all accelerated nursing programs, whether they are taught completely in person, online or partly online and partly in person. If you have a preference as to online, in person, or a hybrid, you should consider this when choosing among the available accelerated nursing programs.

Now is the best time ever to take part in one of the many accelerated nursing programs in Texas. As the economy thaws, more hospitals and physician offices are hiring nurses. Also, if the healthcare program passed by Congress goes into effect, more people will be receiving medical care and there will be even more demand for trained nurses at the time that students entering now are finishing accelerated nursing programs.

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