Accelerated Nursing Programs In Oregon

The nursing profession is rewarding but demanding. The need for nurses has become critical in many states, and the shortages range from big cities to rural communities. Health care support as a whole is experiencing a need for qualified workers, and many of the areas of greatest need don’t require full four-year degrees. Accelerated nursing programs in Oregon provide students with a faster route to becoming qualified to work in the nursing profession. Additionally, many of the accelerated nursing programs in Oregon are designed to satisfy beginning requirements for bachelor degrees.

Students considering pursuit of an accelerated nursing program in Oregon need to explore the requirements for admission at the schools they are considering. Additionally, students need to evaluate each accelerated nursing program in Oregon for details related to the associate degree. While some junior and community college accelerated nursing programs are created as two-year degrees, others require three years. Much of your decision will hinge on your goal for future studies. The fact that most accelerated nursing programs in the state include co-enrollment in bachelor programs makes it easy for students to consider completing a bachelor program.

Students completing accelerated nursing programs in Oregon are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam in order to obtain licensure. Some students may opt to move directly into the nursing profession at this point in order to begin earning a living while gaining experience. For those deciding to continue their studies after completing an accelerated nursing program in Oregon, the overall cost of the bachelor program will have been reduced because of the lower credit and tuition costs in the junior college setting.

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