Accelerated Nursing Programs In Ohio

Accelerated nursing programs in Ohio give students with a bachelor’s degree the option of earning a BSN in less than two years. Because most of the required courses, such as anatomy and microbiology, were included in the first bachelor’s degree, students are able to complete the nursing curriculum at an accelerated pace. Many students who earned a liberal arts degree and later decide they want to be a nurse choose accelerated nursing programs in Ohio.

Admission is competitive for students who want to enroll in an accelerated nursing program in Ohio. Only prospective students who have completed all of the prerequisites for admission with at least a C are considered at most schools. The standards are high in accelerated nursing programs, so students who are not prepared for the rigorous coursework involved should consider a traditional nursing program. Most accelerated nursing programs do not have breaks between terms like traditional degree programs, allowing students who are able to meet the demands of accelerated learning to finish their degree in a fraction of the time.

When deciding between traditional and accelerated nursing programs in Ohio, prospective nursing students should consider the amount of time they can commit to the degree program. While online and campus options are available for accelerated nursing programs, both options are demanding and rigorous. Because this program requires a substantial time and focus commitment, many schools recommend that students in the accelerated program forego employment until they earn their degree. Students who are able to meet the demands are rewarded with a BSN and great opportunities in the field of nursing.

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