Accelerated Nursing Programs in North Carolina

by David Paul Krug

Are you looking for accelerated nursing programs in North Carolina? Many of North Carolina’s leading Universities are offering accelerated nursing programs . Duke University School of Nursing, for example, offers an Accelerated Bachelors of Science (ABSN) for those who have completed an undergraduate degree. This program offers all the traditional components of a Bachelor’s degree in nursing with an emphasis on the environment as well as 21st century health care.

Another great choice for an accelerated nursing program in North Carolina is at University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. As a nationally recognized premiere School of Nursing, UNC-Chapel Hill offers a range of nursing education programs as well as the first PhD program in North Carolina. Accelerated nursing programs can get you on the fast track to an exciting career. An accelerated nursing program in North Carolina will give you the additional benefit of being close to some of the South’s leading medical facilities. Accelerated nursing programs help those who already have a Bachelor’s degree in another field obtain their RN license.

Western Carolina University also offers accelerated nursing programs in North Carolina. At Western Carolina University, requirements for an ABSN are the same as for the traditional BSN. The ABSN program is designed for full-time students who can commit to immersing themselves in the 12-month accelerated program. Accelerated nursing programs may just be the way to go if you are looking to transition into a fast paced career.

Nursing can provide a rewarding career working in a challenging environment. If you are a natural born caregiver with a need to help those around you, maybe you should consider nursing as your new career path. Join many others like you and make the transition.

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