Accelerated Nursing Programs in Nebraska

by David Paul Krug

There may be a perception that to become a nurse you need to spend several years in post-secondary studies. However, there are many approaches to becoming a nurse. Accelerated nursing programs in Nebraska provide you with the opportunity to become a nurse without having to earn a four-year degree. Your goals will determine the route you take in becoming a nurse, but for many people the opportunity to minimize the amount of time in school is attractive. Accelerated nursing programs in Nebraska facilitate a faster transition to the workforce.

In examining accelerated nursing programs, you will find that there are variations in each accelerated nursing program in Nebraska. Some programs lead to a diploma. Others lead to an associate’s degree. Neither type of accelerated nursing program in Nebraska assures you of RN credentials. You must still take and pass the NCLEX-RN exam in order to earn the credentials that enable you to be an RN. Accelerated nursing programs prepare you for that exam, but passing it is your responsibility.

Funding your education in accelerated nursing programs in Nebraska may depend on where you study. Community and junior colleges are less expensive than universities, and accelerated nursing programs minimize the amount of time you need to spend in study. A diploma program may require a year of training or less. In some cases, special scholarships and loan forgiveness programs are available for nursing students. These are generally dependent on a commitment to remain in Nebraska and serving the state’s needs for nurses. Some such options are created in hopes of attracting more nurses to areas of critical need. It’s important to explore these options if you are trying to determine how to pay for your education.

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