Accelerated Nursing Programs in Missouri

by David Paul Krug

There are several benefits to enrolling in accelerated nursing programs in Missouri. Accelerated nursing programs in Missouri do not take long to complete. The schools are accredited and recognized nationally. Successful LPN students can bridge over to the RN program, and most nursing programs help with job placement.

The accelerated nursing programs in Missouri take 9-12 months to complete. Missouri residents attend accelerated nursing programs for oral instruction in core classes, and to complete the required clinical hours. Accelerated nursing programs in Missouri require students to have clinical hours before completing the programs. These hours will vary with the different accelerated nursing programs available.

LPN students who successfully complete accelerated nursing programs in Missouri have the option to further their education. The students can apply for the RN program, and study for their associates degree in nursing. Students who are accepted to an accelerated nursing program for the associates degree will be able to complete the program within another 9-12 months.

Students who complete a nursing program will need to register to take the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination). Graduates waiting to take the NCLEX and for test results are able to work for hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities as “graduate nurses”. Nursing programs in Missouri offer to help graduates find employment.

Anyone wanting to enroll in a nursing program will need to prerequisites and pass an entrance exam. Prerequisites for nursing programs are basic college academic courses. The nursing entrance exam results will remain current for five years.

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