Accelerated Nursing Programs in Delaware

by David Paul Krug

There are many accelerated Nursing programs in Delaware helping students achieve their dreams of being a nurse faster than ever. In accelerated Nursing programs in Delaware students could earn a Baccalaureate in Nursing in 11-18 months and a Masters in Nursing in only 3 years. This is significantly faster than traditional Nursing programs and helps students start building their careers sooner.

The accelerated Nursing program in Delaware is looking for students that have a proven history of academic achievement, particularly those with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Accelerated Nursing Programs have a very rigorous curriculum and schedule, not taking breaks between classes in order to keep the programs moving quickly. Students are advised not to work outside jobs due to the pace in the accelerated Nursing programs, but the flexibility of being able to go to school online can help students who need to work during normal class hours. Because the Accelerated Nursing Program in Delaware can take as little as 11 months working and going to school can still be a viable option.

Accelerated Nursing programs graduated more than 11,000 students in 2010, and employers are eager to hire them. Accelerated Nursing programs in Delaware provide all of the information, curriculum, and clinical experiences that more traditional programs do and because of the high to within these programs consistently graduate students that employers find knowledgeable, skilled and eager to learn. In the face of a rapidly growing healthcare industry, accelerated programs are keeping pace and helping people achieve their dreams of being a nurse. There could be no better time to enroll.

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