Accelerated Nursing Programs in Colorado

by David Paul Krug

Now is a great time to enroll in accelerated Nursing programs in Colorado. The accelerated Nursing programs in Colorado can help graduate students interested in earning a degree in nursing who are hoping to enter the job market at a faster rate than they might be able to inside of a more traditional nursing school, as well as allow them the flexibility of learning at home through online courses.

The accelerated Nursing program in Colorado can help students earn their Baccalaureate Degree in 11-18 months, or even their Masters Degree in 3 years, much faster than in their traditional nursing program counterparts. Accelerated Nursing programs look for students with a history of academic excellence, usually those who finished their undergraduate degrees with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and those who have the time to devote to a rigorous schedule which has no breaks between courses. An accelerated Nursing program in Colorado would be able to build on the student’s previous experiences from their undergraduate studies (even non-nursing or medical related studies) in order to ensure the curriculum goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. Accelerated Nursing programs focus is to provide exactly the same skill set and clinical experience as traditional schools but in a new, innovative and more efficient manner.

Accelerated Nursing programs have been very successful. Graduating more than 11,000 students nationwide in 2010, employers are eager to work with these graduates who they say are well prepared for the job and come with the skills, knowledge, and clinic experience they need. There is no better time to look into accelerated Nursing programs in Colorado and get started on your new career.

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