Accelerated Nursing Programs in Arizona

Many people are considering accelerated Nursing programs in Arizona today. There are many benefits from these programs. They are available in 43 states, online and on campus, and can provide a graduate degree in nursing in less than three years. The accelerated Nursing programs in Arizona provide the opportunity for professionals to pursue the career of their dreams, getting them quickly out into the workplace with all the skills and knowledge they require.

People interested in an accelerated Nursing program in Arizona should be prepared to earn their certification very quickly. Students enrolled in accelerated Nursing programs can earn a Baccalaureate Degree in nursing in 11-18 months and a Masters Degree in Nursing in 3 years. With the flexibility of earning these classes from home or on campus with the guidance of a knowledgeable instructor, students can plan their own route for success. Program administrators for accelerated Nursing programs are looking to admit students who have a proven track record of academic success, including those who had an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher. The accelerated Nursing program in Arizona can move very quickly, without providing breaks between classes, basing curriculum on knowledge learned at the undergraduate level to increase the speed at which your degree can be earned.

Accelerated Nursing programs graduated more than 11,000 students from online and on campus schools in 2010, and employers are eager to work with them. Employers report that graduates are skilled, knowledgeable and ready to work and legislation is being passed to help employers and schools grant greater access to these excellent programs. There is no better time to join one of the accelerated Nursing programs in Arizona and get on the fast track to your new career.

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