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7 Really Weird College Mascots

When choosing a name for a College mascot, most would choose something fierce, strong or iconic, a mascot that the school could rally around like a bear or hawk.

But not all Colleges play by this rule book. Here’s 7 really weird College mascots.

fighting okraThe Fighting Okra, Delta State University

Did someone say a piece of fruit wearing boxing gloves and brandishing a fierce expression would make a great mascot? Well the students at Delta State University in Mississippi thought that this was a great idea.

The Fighting Okra was first embraced by the students in the 1980′s as an alternative to the College’s traditional mascot of a Statesman, which they argued wasn’t particularly frightening.

The Fighting Okra was officially elected by the student body as their mascot in the 1990′s, and the mascot now even has a number of myths about it, including it being based on a stubborn okra planet at first base on the baseball field that grew back every time it was cut.

banana slug mascot

The Banana Slug, University of California Santa Cruz

When UC Santa Cruz started participating in a the NCAA intercollegiate sports in 1981 the then Chancellor was keen on adopting a sea lion as a mascot…but the students were having none of that.

Instead at a referendum in 1986 the students voted by an overwhelming margin to declare the Banana Slug as their official mascot.

Not everyone thinks The Banana Slug is a weird mascot though: ESPN Sports Travel named the Banana Slug as one of the best ten nicknames in college basket in February 2008.

big redBig Red, Western Kentucky University

Big Red is a red, furry blob that is meant to symbolize the spirit of WKU students and alumni, as well as the sports teams’ nickname, the “Hilltoppers.”

Apparently Big Red’s head is meant to be shaped like a hill because WKU sits on a hill…get it?

Big Red also partakes in team sport as well, being a member of the All-America Mascot Team…which isn’t a bad achievement for a giant red blob.

wushockWuShock The Shocker, Wichita State University

We prefaced this post noting that teams usually go for a mascot that says strong and fierce, but what we forgot to consider that Wheat is apparently strong and fierce in Kansas.

WuShock is (you can’t make this up) “a big, bad, muscle-bound bundle of wheat” who is derived from a period of time when the University was simply known as Wichita University or WU.

His official site claims that among other things he’s even stared in a movie.

boll weevilThe Boll Weevil, University of Arkansas Monticello

The Boll Weevil takes us back in history to 1925, when then School President  Frank Horsfall came up with the idea to use a weevil mascot.

Horsfall is said to have said to a crowd of students at a pep rally “The only gosh-darned thing that ever licked the South was the boll weevil. Boll weevils! That’s what you are – Boll Weevils!”

The Weevil is famous in the South for having decimated cotton growing areas in the 1920′s, despite growing to no larger than 1/5th of an inch in size.

Scrotie, Rhode Island School of Design

With a hockey team first referred to as “The Nads” and then later renamed to “The Balls” Scrotie the dancing penis actually seems like a logical choice for the Rhode Island School Design.

Scrotie was first created in 2001 and as you may note from the picture is anatomically correct, besides being a touch over sized a 6 feet and a touch blue and red.

Scrotie is seen at College basket ball games leading fans in a cheer that goes “When the heat is on, the Balls stick together!”

stanford treeThe Stanford Tree, Stanford University

The Stanford Tree is the official unofficial mascot of Stanford University.

Officially accepted by students as their mascot, it’s not accepted by Administration who has never actually got around to selecting an official official mascot, despite the Stanford athletic program being known as the Cardinals.

It could be worse though: other student suggestions for a mascot included a french fry and steaming manhole.

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