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6 Ways to Deal with College Stress

Editors Note: We recently posted a really cool infographic about the Stress Outbreak amongst College Students. Well don’t worry we didn’t just leave it at that we had our in house associate Editor Duncan Riley write up a great article on the 6 Ways To Deal With College Stress.

Life at College isn’t always fun and games…and parties: sometimes your efforts to balance study, exams, part-time work or even your social life can result in high levels of stress.

Here’s 6 simple ways you can help deal with College Stress.

stressStop Stressing About Stress

Admit that you are stressed and figure out how to handle it. The irony is that you may have come to this post for this very reason, and like dealing with any problem, admitting the problem is the first step.

Quiet Time

Finding a few moments of peace and quiet might be just what you need to relax.

Grab a book, go for a walk in a park, stroll along a river…finding quiet time not only helps you deal with stress, many times it’s also a very cheap or free source of recreation as well.


scientist approvedEat something balanced and healthy: fruits and veggies, whole grains, protein.

Balanced food does NOT mean orderings fries with your burger. Multiple health studies show that eating healthy food provides your body with the vitamins and minerals it requires to function well…and that includes dealing with stress.


exerciseIt doesn’t have to be long, it can mean a relaxing 30 minute walk while listening to music can help reduce your stress levels.

If walking isn’t your think try swimming, a gym or even cycling, even if one of these activities is undertaken through the course of your day (say cycling from your home to College.) Exercise not only helps your body deal with stress, is also helps with depression.

friends-1Social Time

Don’t forget to take a break from studying to enjoy friends.

A good lesson for every stage of your life, let alone College is to find a great work/ life balance. You do need to study hard to get good grades, but over doing it can result in further stress, depression and tiredness that can actually deliver the opposite result.


College work just needs to get done - try to figure out how to make it more enjoyable.

This might mean mixing up how you study, playing music while you do, or even studying with friends.

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