5 Interesting College Facts For Freshman

by Duncan Riley


The experience of College has its ups and down, but look on the bright side: you’re bound to have fun both during your time at College and afterwards.

1. You’re going to put on weight as a freshman

Depending on the set of statistics you believe, you’re likely going to put on between 5-15 pounds in your freshman year.

Often referred to as the “Freshman 15,” the weight gained is said to be due to less physical activity when you start College (vs High School,) a failure to eat breakfast as a result of sleeping in more often, and excessive consumption of food, particularly at all-you-can-eat establishments.

There’s a simple solution to keeping your weight down: watch what you eat and most importantly keep fit with regular exercise.

2. If you binge drink at College you may be happier and more accepted than others

In no way are we advocating under-age or excessive drinking, but it turns out if you do fancy the odd tipple or 6 you may actually be happier and more accepted by others at College.

The study found:

Those who engaged in binge drinking tend to belong to so-called high-status groups: wealthy, white, male and active in fraternity life. And those who did not belong to the high-status groups could achieve similar levels of social acceptance through the act of binge drinking. In fact, the study results suggest that student s engaged in the heavy drinking practice to elevate their social status amongst peers rather than to alleviate depression or anxiety.

Binge drinking was defined as consuming more than four drinks in one occasion for women and more than five drinks for men.

3. You’ll likely party less and study harder

Research has found that college freshman are more studious that their counterparts in the past, and are partying less and studying more.

According to USAToday:

More of them took notes in class, did homework and took more demanding coursework as high school seniors, and fewer said they drank alcohol, partied or showed up late for class.

Those and other trends point toward an entering college freshman class that has a better chance of succeeding academically, say researchers who conducted the survey.

Don’t worry too much though: you can always buck the trend!

 4. More people will smoke pot in your freshman year than smoke cigarettes

Not only has pot become legal in two states, marijuana smoking is more popular among High School Seniors now than is cigarette smoking.

According to a survey released in 2012, 36.4% of 12th graders users marijuana in the past year, vs 18.7% in the last month for cigarettes.

According to the CSMonitor:

The reason why marijuana is becoming so popular is that “the perceived risk is down” which creates “the norms against its use to weaken,” says Lloyd Johnson, the survey’s principal investigator at the University of Michigan.

We’re also talking about years of being scared to death by cigarette warnings as well.

5. There will be more women in your freshman year than men

If you’re a male freshman looking for a girlfriend you’re going to have plenty of potential partners as female student s outnumber male student on some campuses by a ratio of as high as three-to-one.

The national average is now 57% women, but that doesn’t give a great freshman picture as the number of women undertaking advanced degrees is lower that undergraduate degrees, although is this is changing.

According to a recent projection:

NCES projects that by 2019 women will represent 59 percent of total undergraduate enrollment and 61 percent of total post-baccalaureate enrollment. Since the late 1990s, NCES added, women have accounted for “about three-fourths” of the increase in the number of master’s degrees awarded in the U.S. and “nearly all” of the growth in the number of professional degrees earned.

If you’re a female and freshman the great news is that the your college experience now comes with a whole lot less testosterone.

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