4 Web Services Every College Student Should Be Using

Spotify Premium



  • Play music you’ve downloaded offline without an Internet connection.
  • No ads, ever.
  • Listen on any device with the Spotify app.

There is no commitment so I can cancel at any point in my pay period if the money just isn’t there to keep paying for.
You save so much money compared to paying .99 cents for a song on iTunes and so much time trying to find legit downloads online.
Huge music library that just about every song you could want, they’ve grown a lot since I joined.

Premium isn’t necessary to use Spotify, so it may not be justifiable all the time.

You have to save a playlist/song to offline in order to play it offline, it isn’t automatic.
If you forget to turn on private mode, your music activity and tastes are published on Facebook.




  • Watch TV and movies, anytime and anywhere
  • No ads or commercials in your shows
  • They just got the original Pokemon season. What more could you need?


Save money on cable if you have to buy it yourself.
Great for tablets for easy watching, though it’s great on a laptop/desktop too.
You get access to Netflix-only series like House of Cards. Again, need I say more?
$7.99 has got to be less than a penny a show with all the shows they have available.
They offer you a 30 day free trial with no commitment, so you can watch for a month and quit if you don’t want to keep going with it.

Netflix has been the cause one too many procrastinations among college students – please watch responsibly.
Make sure you like the shows available so you aren’t wasting your time (on things you don’t like).
There is no student discount (yet), though I’m not-so-secretly hoping they follow Spotify’s lead and create one.

Adobe Cloud

Save hundreds of dollars, even if you use only a few of the programs.
Run programs from your desktop, not from a cloud or web browser.
Included membership to BehancePro site to make your own portfolio.
20GB of storage via the cloud to access on multiple computers.

Again, think of the money you’re saving compared to buying whole programs at full price.
You don’t have to install every program in the cloud, just the ones you want.
Enhance your resume and other documents with Photoshop and InDesign to stand out.
Shock your professors with the quality of your work, regardless of your major.

The price tag is a bit higher than most students like, so I recommend making the purchase when you do have money to spare (and can possibly make the full year’s payment at once).
If you don’t already know how to use the programs, there is a bit of a learning curve for many of them .
This price only lasts while you’re a student (or a teacher) so you better find some other way to get access when you graduate unless you’re going into education .

Amazon Prime

Six months of free two-day shipping for college students.
50% discount on full service, including streaming video.
Save money by buying discounted products online with fast shipping.
Video streaming service with over 40,000 titles.
Access to Kindle Lending Library’s 500,000 eBooks.

If used consistently, it will save you money on overpriced products. (Campus bookstore!)
It’s Amazon, so you can buy anything!
Great extra benefits in Amazon Prime Video and Kindle Lending Library.

Easy to forget about if you don’t consistently buy from Amazon.
Video service lacks quality content (i.e. it’s not as good as Netflix).
You may end up overspending just to use your Prime membership!