Why Men Can’t Have It All {infographic}


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For the first time in polling history, men experience more work/home conflict related stress than women.
At higher rates than ever, men want to be at home, having a part in raising their kids.
They don’t want to just show up at sports games, and think they’re the world’s best dad.
But many women don’t want to go to work

With the choice:
37% of women would prefer to work full time
50% part time
And 11% wouldn’t work at all
Compared to the 75% of men who would want to work full time

The weeks workload is evening out:
Women: 59 hours
Men: 58 hours

But Men still work outside the home 11 more hours than their (partners in dual working couples)
Making work/home conflict a bigger deal for men

[For dual earning couples]
6% more women than men say they are happy with their lives
And men are twice as likely to say that they are unhappy with their lives than women

A more balanced work/home achievement rate would solve the male crisis

The question remains:
Why hasn’t the demise of institutionalized sexism, and higher education rates amongst women led to more success outside the home?

Contributing factors

Fields of work
Women dominate the education field
Men dominate the engineering and MBA programs

The Wharton school is the closest to achieving “the magic half” of gender equality in MBA programs[4]
and it is still 58% male

Money’s a pretty big incentive to stay outside the home.

Currently, men are at work longer, leaving them less time to
Help around the house
Spend time with the kids the kids

Even if they are willing to help, they’re in another place

Many work places are now offering men pregnancy leave if their spouse is expecting

In California, where up to 6 weeks of unpaid leave is available to fathers, only %29 of those who take the leave are men

But think about it:
If there are no health complications:
The baby needs feeding (80% are breastfed)
The baby sleeps
The mother rests
And occasionally the baby goes to the bathroom
Sure mom can use some help, but days on leave are often listless for dads

Even if the man does the cleaning, the woman is often blamed by others if the house is not cleaned well enough.

Whether cultural, emotional, or something else, women overwhelmingly feel guiltier pulling late nights at the office, or going on extended business trips with kids.

Communication breakdown
Woman: “support me more”
man: “But you always tell me I’m doing it wrong.”

Don’t worry, sometimes progress comes in fits and starts. Adjusted per family income is on the rise, and three times as many father’s spend time with their kids as in 1965.



Top Online Colleges for 2014

With the ever fast demand for online college degree programs means there’s been an explosion in online colleges. There’s controversy over whether non profit institution should adapt, or whether for profit institutions should fill the void.

The reason I created this website was to help people with their college degree search, and more importantly to help young people, and people shifting careers plan their future and have success.

We have done extensive research on online colleges, and successful degree programs, and we feel obligated to share some of the top online colleges.

Our rankings are based on the following factors: Academics, Public Reputation, Teaching Methods, Affordability, & Student Satisfaction.

Five of The Top Online Colleges:

University of Florida

The University of Florida was named one amongst the highest performers in on-line bachelor’s degree programs by U.S. News & World Report. In 2010, it was ranked #2 in Kiplinger’s “Best Values for Public Colleges” list, and in 2010, it absolutely was ranked #19 by U.S. News & World Report in its “Top Public Schools” list.

The University of Florida was hierarchal #3 within the 2011 SmartMoney magazine’s list of faculties and universities that facilitate graduates acquire prime salaries and #32 within the 2011 Princeton Review‘s “Best price Public Colleges” list.

The school offers on-line certificates and bachelor’s, master’s, as well as doctorate degree programs.

Penn St. University

In 2012, Penn State University was graded #12 by U.S. News & World Report in its “Top Public Schools” list. In 2011, the college was graded #12 across the country by SmartMoney Magazine in its “Colleges That help Grads Get high Salaries” list.

Penn State University World campus features a combination of high research (as measured by peer-reviewed publications) and educational quality of college, wonderful student satisfaction indicators, and a first class name.
Penn State University World campus provides an equivalent high-quality instruction as traditional, campus-based courses..

UMASS Online

The University of Massachusetts, is an extremely revered college, was graded #42 by U.S. News & World Report in its 2012 list of “Top Public Colleges.” the times teaching Supplement of London graded UMass as the forty fifth best university in the world and twenty second best in North America.

UMass provides on-line degrees through UMass on-line, that won the Sloan consortium Award for the foremost Outstanding on-line Teaching and Learning Program.

UMass on-line offers over a hundred degree and certificate programs and over 1,500 on-line courses in education, in the field of liberal arts, nursing, business and management, IT & Computer technology, public health, and plenty of alternative fields.
The online students learn from identical first class instructors as students that attend campus-based courses. the college has affordable tuition rates.

Drexel University

Drexel University was chosen for the 2010 Sloan consortium Award for Excellence in Institution-Wide on-line Education. In 2011, Drexel University was graded among the highest one hundred schools and universities by U.S. News and World Report and graded among the “Best on-line Graduate Programs” within the fields of engineering, business administration, and liberal arts by U.S. News & World Report.

The school features a high student-satisfaction rating. The university received the 21st Century Best practice Award for Distance Learning from the us Distance Learning Association.

Drexel University on-line offers undergrad and graduate degrees and certificates.

St. Leo University

Saint Leo University, a catholic university, has been selected by U.S. News & World Report as one of the “Top Universities in the South.”

Saint Leo University Online offers a variety of online associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs, as well as graduate certificate programs.

The school is open to people of all faiths however.

Top Online Graduate Degree Programs

In our busy world we live sometimes you need the option of studying online. That’s why colleges are shifting more and more to online graduate degree programs. So that you can go out into the work force, and yet still be working on your graduate degrees. Here are some of the top online graduate degree programs from US News.

These online graduate school degree programs are great for leaving you the option of working part time on college, and full time in the work force.

Duke University

Duke University’s Online Business Graduate Degree Program
This MBA is for senior managers with substantial work experience. As part of the program, students are required to travel to cities in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America for five two-week-plus residential sessions.

Indiana University

Indiana University’s Online Business Graduate Degree Program
The online program offers networking opportunities through its two on-campus residencies. The same faculty who teach the full-time and evening MBA programs on campus teach Kelley Direct courses.

Thunderbird School of Management

Thuderbirds School of Management’s Global Masters in Business Administration
The Global MBA program combines online personal study with highly interactive study in a variety of locations around the globe. Students have the option to complete their MBA in 12, 19 or 36 months.

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon’s Online Masters Degree In IT & Computer Science
The program offers video lectures from campus classes. Students have the opportunity to participate in classroom discussions through live chats and Web conferencing.

Stanford University

Stanford University’s Online Masters Degree in IT & Computer Science
Students gain a broad base of understanding in the computer science discipline, while specializing in one of ten studies — some of which include artificial intelligence, real-world computing and human-computer interaction. Students can also get creative and develop their own specialization to be approved.